Most of the crimes are really difficult to defend against. Apart from that, they also involve a lot of money, evidence, and witnesses. And the job of a criminal lawyer becomes a lot more difficult. But there are some tactics and strategies to win the case. 

5 Strategies Used By Criminal Defense Lawyers To Win Lawsuits

Here, I will discuss the 5 strategies that any criminal attorney in springfield MO uses to win lawsuits. 

Double Jeopardy Defense

One of the strategies the criminal defense lawyers use to win lawsuits is known as the ‘Double Jeopardy’ defense. Here are all the pieces of information that you need to know about this. 

  • With the same crime, when two people are being charged, they use the argument. As the jury is being asked to determine whether the other person should or not face jail time. And it is as opposed to the first person as the second person is free just because of the first person’s conviction.
  • The defense will argue that the immediate jailing of a person who is guilty of any crime is unfair. So, on the other hand, the jailing of the first person for the same crime will also be unfair. Over this issue, there is some debate. But as per the court cases, both the people who are charged for the same crime will also get the same punishment.

Not Guilty Tactic

A criminal defense lawyer also can use some tactics in order to prove that the charged person is not guilty. And here, the attorney will show the jury that there were no witnesses of the crime, or it is impossible for the charged person to commit the crime. 

Whenever a defendant is convicted of a crime, it is a must to prove their innocence for the defense attorney so that they can come out of the case or pay as much money as they should and not more than that. 

Present Useful Evidence

Every criminal defense attorney will offer some pieces of evidence, such as testimony from the police officer and the witnesses. There is another tactic that a criminal lawyer always tries to use is that he or she tries to make sure that his or her client is totally aware of all the legal rights. 

This lets the client be familiar with all the procedures that can be taken, so they know very well how to act, what to say, what kinds of arguments to create in the court. This always drives the case in a positive direction. 

Coming Up With “The Truth”

Both a prosecutor and also the defense attorney should come up along with the two best versions of the specific truth. When the defendant and the defense lawyer are able to present a story based on the truth, this is one of the best strategies for them.

The story has to show the defendant the truth or in the best form. So that it can result in a “plea bargain” or a conviction that has lesser charges, sometimes, it also can offer a result of a “not guilty” finding. 

Police misconduct

It is really unfortunate that some law enforcement officers sometimes commit misconduct at the time of their investigations. Police misconduct may take several forms. Here are the most common ones.

  • Coercing suspects and witnesses.
  • Improperly planting, doctoring, or handling evidence.
  • Embellishing or lying facts in their reports or in the courtroom testimony.
  • On cooperative subjects, using some unnecessary forces like pepper sprays or teasers.

An Attorney in Springfield Mo will be able to identify all these things and also prove the misconduct in front of the court. 


So, here are the 5 strategies that criminal defense lawyers generally use in order to win a lawsuit. Just the way engineers innovate new things with the same old concepts and scientific facts; lawyers also use the laws and regulations in innovative ways to prove not guilty or guilty.