5 Things Must Consider Before You Say “I DO”

Things Must Consider Before You Say "I DO"

  1. Children:Do you want to have children? If yes when? How many? It is big step in your relationship if you and your future spouse cannot agree on whether to have children or not. It is something that you have to be %100 sure that you both agree on the same thing, it will never work to deal with such issue after marriage.
  2. Financial Issue:It is not a big deal how many bank account you both have and if you have a joint account or not, the main point is do you both accept the idea of talking about money issues with each other, without any troubles. If how your money is spent, or saved, or not spent is an issue before you get married, it will be an even bigger issue after your wedding. If you both can’t talk about money issue calmly then please make sure to postpone the wedding until you find out a solution for that.
  3. Sex:
      Can you both talk about sex? Do you believe that it is important to talk about that and your spouse does too? Great, if not please postponed your wedding. Differences in sexual frequency, desire, preferences, fantasies, masturbation, pornography, expectations, etc. will destroy your marriage and make your sex-night a nightmare.
  4. Cleaning:Are you ready to help in house work? Clean the bathroom? If you think that your spouse have to help or do everything and she/he doesn’t agree with you, then you can either hire someone to do the chores that neither of you wants to do, or in order to make this marriage work you have to accept the idea that you will be doing most of the cleaning around the house.
  5. Faith:Does the person you are going to marry have the same faith, beliefs, and moral values as you do? And can you communicate openly and honestly with this person on a regular basis?

Five years down the road, can you look back with zero regrets? One year down the road? Six months?


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