Best Things New Mother Need to Know

5 Things New Mother Need to Know

Your life will change forever.

Nothing will be the same anymore, and your life will no longer be your own. Where ever you go they will be wither with you or you have to be thinking about your kids and hire a trusted well educated nanny to take care of them while you are away, and still you will be thinking about them all the time. The kind of meals that you cook will be different now you need to add more valuable food into your meal, and maybe stay away from junk food. The time you can stay out at night will be different maybe you may need to forget about it, and everything in your life will be them (your kids).

Save early and often

It is never too early to save up for your children’s future, but it can easily be too late. You can’t spend your money anymore on stuff that you don’t really need, or for fun, well it can be for fun but you will start to think about every dollar that you spend to buy a drink for you and think twice that saving that money or using it to buy a shirt for your baby is more important and trust me with time you will feel really happy when you do that. You will prefer to save money for their school or university rather than buy a new car or change your furniture or anything like that. Well their needs will be number one in your life.

Stay at home if you can

At some point you will realize that staying home with the kids was the best decision you ever made. If you don’t really need to go out for work, staying home will be the best. Trust me raising your kids by your own is way different than if a nanny help you in that. A baby who spend the whole day with his mom is different than the one who see her for about 3 to 4 hours when she got back home and in the weekends only. You will be more communicated with your baby, you will get the chance to learn their own language when they are 2 years old and being the only one who understands them is really amazing and so cute. As soon as they turn 12 and they start refusing you being involved in everything in their life you will remember when they were 2 and you will miss those days.

Kids are always watching

Act like your kids are always watching, because they are. It is truly amazing what kids pick up on and really think. As soon as they start understand and recognize what’s going on around them, you will find out that they catch most of your words and acts, almost the same way you do, so whatever you want your baby to learn just do it in front of him and you will be surprised that you don’t need to repeat it in order for him to catch it, just do it once and if they like it they will keep repeating it from time to time.

Kick the colds

Try to keep your house clean as much as you can and keep checking every possible source of sticky germs, anything around your baby’s food or clothes or bed. If one of your family members catches cold, just make sure to keep him/her away from your baby and baby’s room.

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