5 Things That it Not Really Matters, But I Was Just Wondering


But I Was Just Wondering

  • Why do we have birthday cakes and wedding cakes, but no anniversary cakes or Valentine’s cakes?
  • Why do we have Christmas tree ornaments, but no special ornaments with which to celebrate other special occasions?
  • Why is Columbus Day a national holiday, but Valentine’s Day isn’t?
  • Why is it crude to tell jokes that characterize races and religions in stereotyped ways, but it’s acceptable to be a “gender bigot” and stereotype men and women?
  • Why a man have to say I love you for his partner on the Valentines day while he can say it every day at anytime?
Elizabeth Turner, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on May 14, 1979. She has a Bachelor Degree in Human Resources. Elizabeth joined 5 BestThings on Jan 3, 2011 and worked as an editor specialized in Romance and Relations section.