Did you know a goat herder actually discovered coffee? He noticed that when his goats ate the coffee berries, they would appear more energetic and wouldn’t sleep at night. 

Who doesn’t love coffee? The aroma, the taste, and the feeling you get after drinking a cup cannot be matched. 

Opening a coffee shop may sound like a dream to some, but with the right equipment, you can make your dreams a reality. Keep reading this guide to learn five essential coffee shop equipment items you can’t afford to start without.

1. Commercial Grade Espresso Machine

You can guarantee if you do decide to open a coffee shop, you will have customers order some sort of expresso. Many coffee drinkers will even order a shot of espresso to add to their morning brew. 

An espresso machine is something you can feel good about splurging on, the level of quality varies tremendously from brand to brand. However, some espresso machines can break the bank and can send your budget through the roof.

It’s recommended to find one that works with your budget, so it’s essential to do your due diligence when it comes to buying one of these.

2. Industrial Grinder

No matter how great of an espresso machine you end up purchasing, without a high-quality grinder, the final product will not taste right.

Purchasing the right grinder can result in superior flavors and aroma of the coffee and espresso.

Selecting which coffee beans to use can also make or break your business, check out this guide to determine if you are making the right selection.

3. Industrial Refrigeration System

When it comes to coffee, few ingredients are more vital than milk, and milk doesn’t last very long without being refrigerated. Without an effective refrigeration system, you will be losing out on a significant portion of your inventory.

Storage isn’t the only purpose an industrial refrigeration system serves, it can also add to the ambiance of the coffee shop. A modern, visually pleasing refrigerator adds a hip look to your new coffee shop.

4. Drip Coffee Maker

You cant open a coffee shop and not have a drip coffee maker. This is going to be one of your most used machines, so you should look for a high-quality one. 

Your coffee maker should be:

  • Durable
  • Large enough to keep up with demand
  • And efficient

The coffee maker can make a significant difference if you have a rush of people and need to get the coffee moving fast.

5. Water Filtration System

Since coffee is over 98 percent water, it’s essential to have a water filtration system in place.

The water you use will have an impact on how your coffee tastes, and many of your other products as well. Water filters can get expensive as well, so it’s essential to keep in mind your budget, but also consider the quality of coffee you are serving.

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Final Thoughts on Essential Coffee Shop Equipment

Starting a coffee shop is exciting, to wake up and go to work smelling coffee all day sounds like a dream.

Just remember the coffee shop equipment and the coffee beans you use will make all the difference, so be sure to work within your budget, but don’t get frugal when it comes to the essentials. 

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