It’s tempting to buy a salvage motorcycle in order to save thousands on the sale price. Buying a cheap motorcycle and investing the time and resources to fix it up could cost much less than buying a new or clean title motorcycle. While buying a salvage motorcycle may be advantageous for your wallet at the moment, there are several important things you need to know before buying and refurbishing a motorcycle.

1. Do the research on your motorcycle of choice.

Do the research on the specific salvage motorcycle you are considering buying. Look up the make and year to find out if that particular model has any recalls or common issues. Carefully examine all photos of the motorcycle in question to identify all the problems it has.

Not all online auto auctions all the same, so take the time to shop around. You may find a better deal if you have the patience to comb through listings, and you might even find a motorcycle of the same make and model, but in better condition.

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2. Get a clear idea of the damage.

Vehicles that have been in an auto accident are often labeled “salvage”, but there are instances where a vehicle can receive that label after flood and fire damage. As a buyer, you would be wary of a motorcycle that has experienced water or fire damage, as it can be tricky to determine which repairs are necessary to get the motorcycle in reliable condition.

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3. Get the facts.

You need to have a qualified repair shop inspect the salvage motorcycle prior to purchase. This inspection won’t tell you anything about the car’s history prior to earning a salvage title, so you also need to get a full history of the motorcycle that you’re looking at. Run a CARFAX report using the VIN number to learn if and why the motorcycle has a salvage title, whether or not it has been in other serious motorcycle accidents, whether it has been reported stolen but not recovered and the overall repair history.

4. Calculate the cost of ownership.

Thoroughly estimate the total costs of owning a salvage motorcycle before making a bid. The purchase price of the motorcycle, associated taxes and fees and the calculated repair costs shouldn’t exceed the cost of buying a clean title motorcycle. Just because a motorcycle has an attractive price doesn’t mean that the replacement parts will be easy or affordable to find.

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5. Find a reliable mechanic.

Find a reliable mechanic

Unless you know how to fix up a salvage motorcycle, you need to find yourself a reliable mechanic. Typically when buying a salvage vehicle, you can purchase a salvage title that has been repaired or you can purchase a salvage title that needs repair. Buying a repaired salvage motorcycle may mean you can drive it out of the showroom, but you will still need to have a reliable mechanic inspect it.

Keep these important tips in mind when shopping for a salvage motorcycle. Always perform due diligence as a buyer by researching the salvage auction and carefully weight the cost-benefit of buying a salvage title.

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