We all want our kids to be as happy and healthy as possible, as this can set them on a good path for life. But how do we ensure they pick up good habits and use them to their advantage? If your child isn’t living a healthy lifestyle, there are ways you can help get them on track, and this can potentially give them good habits that’ll follow them into adulthood.

1. Find active hobbies they are interested in

Kids aren’t always interested in traditional sports, and maybe they won’t want to kick a ball around, but there are ways to keep them active without them getting bored. A good way to get them into regular exercise is to book Jump! swimming lessons, as swimming is an excellent all-round workout, and many adults swim throughout their life. The earlier kids learn to swim, the better, so don’t wait until they go to school to have lessons. Moreover, Singapore Swimming School would be a great consideration if you are looking for the best swimming coaches for your kids including toddlers and infants in Singapore.

Dancing, yoga, horse riding, and any other activity that kids find ‘fun’ can also help them stay healthy, without them even noticing.

2. Invest in tech products

Kids love tech. That’s why you can’t get them away from screens! And using certain types of tech can help turn keeping healthy into a fun game for them. Smart bands can help them stay active, showing how much they’ve moved all day, and motivating them to reach and smash their goals. There are also smart watches made especially for kids, which have built-in games that encourage them to run, jump, and play.

3. Take care of their mental health

Mental health is just as important as the physical. It’s important that you look after your child’s mental health, and here are some ways you can do so:

  • Look out for signs of depression and other difficulties in your child
  • Look out for sudden changes of mood that could be a sign of problems
  • Don’t be afraid to consult with a doctor if you are worried
  • Make sure your child knows they can come to you with any problems

Luckily, there are now more and more resources for kids who are suffering from poor mental health, so don’t be afraid to seek them out if needed.

4. Make sure they drink enough water

Drinking enough water is another great habit, and most adults simply don’t get enough liquids each day. Encourage your kids by getting them a refillable water bottle to take on days out, and make sure it’s topped up. You should also minimise the amount of juice, squash, and sodas in the house, so that when kids are thirsty, they get used to drinking water instead of stuff that’s bad for them.

5. Set a good example with food

If you’re a family who eat a lot of fast food in front of the TV, then your children are likely to grow up and follow this kind of pattern in their adult lives. While treats are great, and an important part of life, you should try to set a good example when it comes to food, eating a balanced diet, and sitting down together for mealtimes. Ideally, you want to eat a little from all five food groups to keep your diet varied and nutritious.

Consider teaching your kids to cook too. When your kids leave home, they need to be able to take care of themselves. If they don’t know how to cook, they’re likely to live on ready meals and junk food. Even a few basic cooking skills can help them lead a healthier lifestyle as adults.

Let’s face it. If kids were left to their own devices, they wouldn’t exactly lead the healthiest lifestyles. That’s why it’s important for parents to encourage their kids to be healthy, whether it’s from getting them moving more often, or eating better. The tips above can help you to encourage your child to lead a healthy life.


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