Joining the police force can be a prestigious thing. Of course, there are dangers associated with this career, for both you and your family, but the following top reasons to join the force will certainly outweigh the risks.

1. Job Satisfaction

Every single day, the work you and your colleagues do will make a difference to at least one individual, more likely many people. Whether you have rushed out to a report of domestic violence or you were first on the scene of a car accident, the work will be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Every crime you solve or prevent can have a huge impact on your community.

2. Job Security

The role of a police officer will always be an important one within society and there will forever be a need for law enforcement. Therefore, it is a very secure type of work to go into. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to move from one area to another knowing that you will be able to find another position with little effort required. Additionally, there are many opportunities to move up the ladder if that is what you desire with promotions available if you show willing and dedication to the role.

3. Variety of Tasks

If sitting at a desk doing the same thing day in and day out makes you yawn, a job like this could be exactly what you need in your life. Every single day of being a police officer is completely different. Knowing that you will be expected to carry out a wide range of tasks means that it is very rare to get bored within a career in the police force. Even within the force, there is a range of jobs, so if your current role no longer takes your fancy, you may find it easy to move on to something else.

4. Competitive Pay and Benefits

Police officers receive a decent salary with associated benefits. Retirement packages and healthcare are just some of the reasons many people feel that going into the police force will be a great option for them, in addition to being interested in the role too of course. You ought to find that in your area many stores will offer discount on goods and services for members of the emergency services. Usually, proof of your profession by showing your police badge is all that is required. If you were to get injured on duty, you will also be adequately compensated. Although you will undoubtedly wear protective gear, such as a Banshee plate carrier, risks still remain from a variety of sources.

5. Keeping Fit

When you think of the typical ‘cops and robbers’ scenes from TV programmes and films, there is often a police chase involved and often on foot. Although there are added elements for dramatic purposes, there is a huge aspect of truth in this sort of thing. Chasing a suspect down the street requires a level of strength and cardio fitness. Keeping fit occurs as part of the job, especially if you are patrolling an area on foot or being out and about with a police dog. Of course, it goes without saying that you must also do some extra work to keep your fitness levels top notch in addition to the exercise you get while working.


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