The typical day for a realtor can be stressful, especially when working with a challenging client. However, adding to their stress level is the idea of cold calling prospective clients. While hiring real estate cold calling services would be beneficial, not every realtor can afford such a luxury. Thankfully, at least five tips can help make the cold calling process less intimidating and stressful. 

1. Having Good Software

One of the best things a realtor can do for themselves is to invest in cold calling software. The program helps by saving the agent time and making phone calls that will connect with an actual person and not their voicemail. Additionally, the software can help you make a targeted list, so you might not receive so many nos. More than anything, however, the software is an organizational tool that helps you make the most productive use of your time. 

2. Don’t Fear Rejection, Learn From It

When cold calling, you need to alter your expectations. While most salespeople are taught to always go for the “yes,” cold calling will more often than not result in a “no.” The constant rejection can be a mood and confidence killer, which is why you need to learn to embrace it and learn from it. After every phone call, even those that go well, ask yourself what worked and what didn’t. Look at every phone call as a learning opportunity. 

3. Allow Yourself Time To Process

Because of consistent conversations that result in “no,” salespeople can begin to feel overwhelmed. Mental health is vital to success, so allow yourself to process the exchanges that don’t go as planned. Make sure you understand that the caller is not addressing you personally when they say no to a service or offering. Separating your identity from the service you provide is crucial to maintain a healthy outlook on life and your career.  

4. Use a Script

When calling numerous people every day, it is hard to come up with new and enticing conversations with every phone call, so don’t. One of the best things you can do as a high-volume caller is to create a script. Several cold calling script tips are helpful, including: 

  • Piquing the client’s interest 
  • Identifying your service 
  • Answering objections 
  • Pitching your service 
  • Providing credentials 

5. Practice With Friends

Practice makes perfect is one of the best adages because it is so true. While you cannot predict a client’s response to your pitch, you can polish that pitch for the best possible outcome. Your friends and family can help by identifying parts that do not work well. They can also help you get more comfortable with presenting your pitch to strangers. The more you practice, the better and more confident you will sound. There is no better way to practice than with people you know and love. 

Cold calling is one of the most stressful aspects of the real estate profession. Fortunately, with the tips listed above, your phone calls should feel a little less intimidating. If you want extra help making the cold calling process more manageable, consider using software and tools designed for the job. 

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