Isn’t it exciting to live by the beach? Imagine all the beachside sceneries, parties, and events you get to enjoy.

That is exactly what you get with a Myrtle Beach real estate. Located at South Carolina’s Atlantic Coast, Myrtle Beach is home to some of the world’s finest tourist attractions and most breathtaking beaches. Initially, the man-made island connects to the Mainland, up until it was geographically carried away by the Intracoastal Waterway in 1963. Aside from water-based activities such as paddle boarding and jet skiing, visitors also make the most of their time by checking out the city’s local breweries and dining in exquisite seafood restaurants.

Meanwhile, friendly locals often notice how some first-home buyers get too excited that they tend to neglect the unique circumstances that come with living or owning properties near the coastline. What non-locals don’t realize is, the secret to the long-lasting exquisiteness of Myrtle Beach estates lies in choosing housing materials that are highly suitable for the area.

Before you get started with purchasing or building your own beachside home, you must first ensure that your property’s foundation is made of sturdy and water-resistant materials.

Some of the best materials for coastline properties are as follows:


Concrete floors are great for regulating hot and cold temperatures inside your property. Contractors highly recommend it because of its high resistance to fire and water. Concrete materials are low-maintenance too, which means installing and preserving its quality will not drill a hole in your pockets.

Impact-rated glass and shutters

Impact-rated glass is extremely tough because it can deflect debris and the impact of robust and outer pressure. Additionally, this type of material seals the inner part of your home, thereby preventing flooding or leaking.


Porcelain tiles are often used in bathrooms. But have you ever heard that you could also elevate your beachside property’s exterior with it? It can add an artistic touch to your home while enhancing its protection against floods, heavy rains, and tides.


Roofing made of metal is said to deliver durable protection against external damage. It helps save more energy, adapts to different types of weather, and its quality endures for years.

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Western Red Cedar

If you can’t help but want a touch of rustic wood in your coastline property, then western red cedar is the perfect suit for you. This variant of wood can endure intense pressure and impact. For longer-lasting quality, it is best to install western red cedars that have already been pretreated or coated.

Stone or Slate

Most of the time, housing materials that are often exposed to water tend to rot and decay more quickly. Slate or stone is different. Although it lies more on the expensive kinds of beachside property materials, slate can stay free from damage for years. It does not rot and is strong enough to hold your property together and keep you safe from natural calamities. Beyond the aesthetics of a Myrtle Beach real estate, it is crucial to prioritize your safety and your money’s worth. Be smart and keen when choosing your coastline home or property. If you can boost the durability of your estate, chances are you can transform it into a lodging space for tourists and temporary residents and earn good money from it!


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