Getting your vehicle painted brings a lot of satisfaction! Not only it provides your car with a brand-new look, but it also increases the durability of its exteriors. However, painting a vehicle requires a lot of time and money.

Therefore, it’s important to know a few things before you make any decision. If you are planning to get your car painted, here is what you must consider-

Know Is It Worth It

Perhaps, it is the most significant thing to consider before you paint your car. If you are planning to get your entire vehicle painted into a new color, it’s going to be an expensive affair. Though you may find some cheap companies to get the job done, you get what you pay for!

So, it’s better to check on the value of your vehicle before deciding to get it painted. If the paint job costs you 25% of the total car’s value, you should skip it and keep driving.

Moreover, if you were in a fender bender and want to hide the defects via paint, there is a better alternative. You can look for a painted auto part that matches your car’s OE specifications. Why spend more on painting or repairing the entire vehicle if you can freshen up its look with a painted auto part?

New Paint Is Not Going To Fix Everything

Sometimes, the new paint works opposite to what is expected. If you paint over the damaged area without fixing it, it will only highlight the defects. First, remove the old paint and fix the damage, such as dents, scratches, holes, rust spots, etc.

Different Types Of Car Paints

Generally, there are three types of car paints-acrylic, metallic, and urethane. Acrylic is easy to apply and provides the vehicle with a glossy look. However, it doesn’t last for long.

Metallic paint is usually applied to sports cars and works well to hide scratches. But it isn’t easy to repair. It is something to keep in mind when you choose this type of paint.

Urethane paint is easy to spray and dries quickly. It needs to be applied with safety precautions, such as a suit, goggles, and respirator.

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Look For A Professional Auto Paint Shop

You may find several home painters who offer to paint your car for less. Or, you may consider painting it yourself to save a few bucks. However, having a professional to paint your car is always a great deal for many reasons-

They are experts in the field and know the right way to paint your vehicle. They have the right tools to do the job, such as paint mixers, body materials, sanders, etc.

Car painting requires different skills and techniques. Even if you find the best painter to get your car painted, the vehicle won’t look good if the preparation and bodywork aren’t done by a professional.

The professional auto painters know how to deal with the rust accumulated on the vehicle’s exteriors. Besides, unlike the DIY painters, they don’t dispose of the left paints in the drain.

An auto body shop has a contract with the companies who pick up the residual solvents or chemicals the right way.

The Prices May Vary

Prices for painting your car depends upon several factors, such as the number of parts to be painted, prep required, or type of paint. So, when you request an auto paint shop for an estimate, ask them to include the surface preparation measures.

Also, you want to ensure that after painting, the damage will be minimized. So, make sure that the estimate includes the cost of a long-lasting coat of paint.

Painting Adds Value To Your Vehicle

Getting your car painted is an investment. If you invest in repainting, you get a better trade-in value for your older vehicle. Besides, you can raise the price while selling the painted car directly to a buyer.

Sometimes, just a coat of fresh paint is enough to transform an older vehicle. But, make sure that it will pay off later. If the car isn’t in good condition, repainting it may prove to be expensive. In this case, the car is worth on sale.

These are some of the tips you must consider before you decide to get your vehicle painted. If you think that painting your car is worth it, search for a reliable auto paint shop. It will decrease the risk of accidentally doing something wrong.