60 Republicans for Biden: either a mental health examination or withdrawal from the elections!


A message to Biden from dozens of Republican representatives: “We invite you to take a mental test and make its results public, or refrain from trying to be re-elected as president.”

According to Fox News, over 60 Republican Party deputies have written a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to take a test to evaluate his mental abilities. If he does not take the test, they are urging him to withdraw from the upcoming presidential race.

And the channel confirmed that the letter was signed by 61 Republicans, and it stated: “We invite you to conduct a mental test and publish its results for public opinion , or refrain from trying to be re-elected as president.”

According to the letter, Republicans have made three similar requests since Biden took office, but they have not received a response.

The deputies stated in their letter that although the US president had received physical examinations in both 2021 and 2023, there was no indication that he had undergone any mental exams.

Joe Biden, currently the oldest U.S. president at 80 years old, would be 86 at the end of his second term if he were to run and win in 2024.

Earlier, the president stated that he would be truthful with the American people and would disclose any health issues he may be facing.

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