7 Things To Look For While Searching For Perfect Office Space

Office Space

Looking for a good and convenient office space can be a daunting task. And, it may cost you a fortune if you don’t do proper research. There are certain things you should look for in your search for office space.

Here we have listed 7 such things

  1. Convenient location:  If you’re looking for office space you’d definitely won’t want a very far and isolated location, away from all the humanity. The location should be close to all the important places to access the required amenities which help the business to grow. Transportation, this means your office should be close to bus stand and subways for the people associated with your office to be able to commute easily. You’d not want your employees or business associates to complain about the distance of your office, difficult enough to reach using Google maps. The bus stand and the subway should be close. Also, make sure the roads are well constructed and the traffic is low, so to avoid getting stuck for hours on roads.
  2. Scalability: Scalability is a major factor which you should look for while searching for office space renter. ‘Pay for what you use deal’ is what you should emphasize on. Maybe today you’ve only 20 employees but hey, you’ve just started and who knows you grow up to hire 1000 employees under you in future. At that moment you’ll definitely need some extra office space to manage your employees, hence scalability should be your prime evaluation factor. But pay for the extra space when you really need them, don’t start paying for it from the very beginning considering the prospective growth.
  3. Look and feel: ‘First impression is the last impression’ isn’t it? Don’t you believe on the same philosophy while considering business. The first thing in your office that catches the eye of the visitor which may be your prospective investor is the beauty of your office. The office space you’re looking for should be well designed, equipped with modern authentic themes that captivate the visitor inasmuch to get you a great deal of business. Consider an office whose design represents your own personality and taste. Don’t believe on picture, take time and visit the actual site before taking any decision.
  4. In a Greener environment: Localities which are surrounded by a green environment are worth paying for, paying for the fresh air, and a place far away from the hustle-bustle of the loud city. There should be community parks where you and your employees can take a stroll in the free time and take care of the health.
  5. IT infrastructure: IT support services like the access to good and reliable internet service are a must need for any business. A back office assistant to help with every problem and security facilities like CCTV cameras with the security guards employed at the gates 24*7 are a must need facilities but, setting it up yourself may delay the start of your working, hence the office space provider should provide the basic IT support.
  6. Flexibility with renting: You may or may not need your virtual office after a certain period but your legal contract shouldn’t ask you to pay for the time you won’t be using the space. Renting and On-demand Office space option should be available to choose from.
  7. Parking space: Parking space shortage is a big problem in the US and to use private parking spaces will add to the budget. Hence, you should deliberately ask your renter if they will provide in-premises parking space or not.
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