Escape rooms have become a sensational game in today’s world. Almost every country has developed its own set of escape room games. From kids to adults, escape rooms have something in the store for all. It is seen as a highly engaging activity that helps release stress and re-energize oneself. Escape room games are pretty different from any other game. It helps a lot in the growth and overall development of a person.

Escape rooms, therefore, have a lot of advantages to offer to the player. More and more people have started playing escape room games today. It, in turn, has led to the development of escape rooms to accommodate the varied tastes of people. Here in this article, we will discuss the 7 ways an escape room activity will help your child achieve advanced mental growth.

What is an Escape Room?

In simple terms, an escape room is a thematically designed gaming room. The theme can be based on a movie or a book. The room has many hidden clues, puzzles, and riddles that the players need to solve as a team. Solving the tricky mysteries before the timer runs out is crucial in getting oneself out of the room! The time allotted can vary from one escape room to the other. However, most generally, escape rooms have a time duration of one hour, within which the players need to work their heads together as a team and escape!

Advantages of Playing an Escape Room

Escape rooms are designed in such a unique way that people of almost all age benefit from the gaming experience. One can even bring their kids to an escape room for a family get-together or maybe to spend time with their kids. There are many ways in which the escape room gaming experience can be advantageous to the child’s mental growth and development.  The most valuable ways that make escape rooms beneficial are as follows.

1. Boosts the creativity

Escape rooms are a significant venture to make your brain work critically. Every escape room game requires players to think out of the box. It relies essentially upon the idea of players being able to believe in a different perspective to make their way out of the escape room. Since today, almost everything has shifted to the online mode; children hardly ever go out to play. They mostly remain engaged in mobile phones watching YouTube. In such a situation, playing an escape room game can help your child put his or her brain to use. It shall help to boost their creativity and innovation skills considerably.

2. Increases the problem-solving abilities

Escape rooms can come in handy to increase and enhance the problem-solving abilities of your child. Problem-solving skills are a very crucial element for your child to harness. As the child is made to critically make his or her brain work to solve those tricky riddles, their brains’ problem-solving capabilities are considerably given a strong push. It is one of those essential skills that is required almost in every stage of life. So, playing an escape room game and letting your brain solve those tricky riddles can seemingly be an exciting way to boost your brain’s abilities!

3. Helps improve the mood

Often as children are stuck at home these days, they might get perpetually irritated almost at everything. Escape rooms may be viewed as a great way to improve your child’s mood and keep him or her happy. Happiness is the key to a beautiful life. So, what can be more important than keeping your child happy? Let your child engage in an escape room game today, and let him enjoy! As your child is made to hunt all across the escape room, searching and solving riddles, the child shall get an exciting way to spend time. It shall hence essentially help in boosting up the earlier sulking mood of your child.

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4. Increases the team working mindset of your child effectively.

Teamworking is the crucial basis in working out an escape room game. As long as players cannot work as a team, their chances of winning the game remain slim. It is vital to remember that teamwork is crucial even later on in life. Letting your child engage in an escape room game shall help him or her harness a team working mindset. As the child learns to work with and as a team with the other players, they shall possess team working capabilities. To win the escape room games, every player must value the opinion of their teammates. Your child shall also learn to do the same.

5. Develops your child’s keenness for detail and precision.

Attention to minute details is something that becomes essential while playing an escape room game. Players must scrutinize every detail of the room to search for clues to get themselves out of the room. Keenness to every minute information is therefore essential when it comes to winning an escape room game. As even the smallest of the room’s details cannot be left unnoticed, your child can develop keen eyesight for more information and precision.

6. Enhances the time management ability

Time management is one of the critical elements in building an organized and happy life. It is essential in almost every aspect of life. Escape rooms thrive on the very concept of time management. Players need to solve all the riddles and get out of the space within the given time. It shall help your child effectively plan, organize and manage time as per his or her needs in life. Playing such games will help your child manage time effectively so that they don’t spend too much time on one riddle and instead use time in an organized manner.

7. Boosts up the memory

 Players must be able to remember each of the clues that they have found. It is only by recognizing and then connecting all the clues that the players can escape the room! Hence, memory is yet another vital skill in achieving success in an escape room game. As you let your child play such a game, they shall have to work their brains hard enough to remember and connect the clues in the end. Hence, playing in an escape room shall help in boosting up the memory of your child.


Escape rooms come off with many advantages for the overall growth and development of your child. As you let your child engage in playing escape room games, he or she will be able to enhance their mental growth considerably.


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