They were shot dead.. 8 bodies of Americans from one family were found

After a thorough search, the police discovered that three grown-ups and five minors had been tragically killed inside the residence.

8 bodies of Americans from one family were  found

In the American city of Enoch, Utah, authorities tragically revealed the discovery of 8 dead individuals with gunshot wounds in a single apartment complex. Among them were 5 innocent children and 3 adults.

ABC4 reported that when police examined the residence, they discovered 3 grownups and 5 kids who were destitute of life with gunshot injuries. As per a declaration released by city authorities, each had been fatally wounded inside their own home.

In a devastating announcement, the local school council confirmed that eight members of one family residing in ENOC, five of them students at our schools, have heartbreakingly lost their lives.

In the wake of a record-breaking number of mass shootings, legislators from both major political parties finally came together and passed an historic bill in June 2022. The new law restricts firearm possession, mandating that all applicants seeking to purchase weapons must first prove they have no criminal or psychological history.

The law applies to individuals aged 18-21 and offers funding for mental health initiatives dedicated to this age group.

Nevertheless, on the same day of its passage, the US Supreme Court struck down this new law by upholding every citizen’s right to carry a gun in public places. This decision disregarded any potential consequences that could arise from increased instances of armed violence throughout the nation.