A Guide To Getting Maximum Value For Money When Installing Electric Gates

If you have finally decided the time has come to do something about those old gates at the entrance to your home, the obvious choice is an electric, automated solution. Such is the technology today, you can have state of the art automatic gating, with custom designs that are installed by professionals. With stunning designs, you can boost the curb appeal of your home with electric gating.

Bespoke Solutions

When looking for an electric driveway gate installation, you simply must choose the custom-designed option that allows you to create a unique design. Start with an online search to find a leading custom gate manufacturer and check out the images and the information on their website, which shows the diverse designs that can be created. Of course, the supplier would send a technician to your home, where you can both discuss the many options available and once a design is agreed, the supplier will send a surveyor for precise measurement and an installation date can be scheduled.

Quality Materials

If you want your new gates to stand the test of time, the unit needs to be built with top quality materials and with seasoned professionals, you can rest assured that the workmanship is to a very high standard.

Common Material Choices

The following are used in gate manufacturing:

  • Steel, Stainless-Steel – Powder colours are available.
  • Wrought Iron – This classic material is still highly favoured with residential gating. You will find that automatic wrought iron driveway gates are popular among rural properties.
  • Aluminium – Light, strong and very durable, aluminium offers a maintenance-free solution and it looks stylish and elegant.
  • Timber – Seasoned oak and hardwood are both great for residential gating and by talking to the experts, you can choose a suitable timber that is both beautiful and functional. It is worth noting that wooden electric gates might require coats of varnish every couple of years.

Under Or Above Ground

The electric motor can either be housed in a small channel below ground level or it can installed above ground, whichever you prefer. The underground solution is a good idea, as this protects the motor, while leaving the area uncluttered; the below ground option is slightly more expensive, due to the extra groundwork required.

Product Warranty

The custom gate company would issue a comprehensive warranty on both product and labour, which is a reflection of the quality and should there be any issues, a quick call will have a team on their way to your house. 

Quality Gates, Great Savings

These gates often come in great quality and if you go to a reputable gate manufacturer, rest assured you’ll get ones that can last for years. While they initially don’t come cheap, aside from their quality, the security and convenience they provide is worth the money. You’ll not only have stunning gates, you’ll also have peace of mind.

It is never a good idea to be price focused when having made to measure gates installed, rather you should be looking for a company with a great reputation within the local community. Spend some time at the design stage; there are many stunning images on the supplier’s website and with the help of the technician, you can choose a suitable design that adds character to the property.

There are many accessories, including intercom and CCTV features and by talking to the supplier, you can make an informed decision about the design of your electric gates.


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