A “hair pull” ends with the ejections of 8 players. An incident during a basketball match sparks a violent fight (video)

A hair pull ends with the ejections of 8 players

A fight broke out among players during a women’s basketball match, which led to the ejected of eight players, after one player pulled another player’s hair. The video quickly circulated on social media.

When a player at a women’s basketball game accidentally pulled another player’s hair, a mass brawl ensued.

Eight players were ejected from a game between Texas Christian University and Washington University on Monday night after a fight broke out.

Hair-pulling ensued between two players in the second quarter of the game on Saturday. Essence Brown, 20 years old and from George Washington University’s team, appeared to yank 22-year-old Bella Cravens’ hair from the University of Texas.

All hell broke loose when Cravens attempted to retrieve the ball and Brown reached out to block it, but her hand got caught in Cravens’ long hair.

The highly anticipated fight turned into a disaster, with both teams brawling and losing control. Luckily, the officials stepped in before anyone was seriously hurt; University of Texas came out on top in the end by 70 to 56 points.

The fight started while the mid-season game was being televised. Cravens and Brown were among the eight players who got ejected for their role in the brawl.

After Brown pulled Craven’s hair, both players and their teammates got angry. They started yelling at each other and exchanging punches before the situation got worse.

After a really tough second half, Texas coach Reagan Pepley talked about the incident in an interview, saying that they never want to be involved in anything similar.

Pebley’s team won the game, and he continued to brush off the incident afterwards, saying it was coming from a place of competition.