A man was arrested by British police after throwing an egg at King Charles (Video)

King Charles
King Charles

Today, Tuesday, British police arrested a young man in his twenties for throwing an egg at Britain’s King Charles III who was on tour. Meanwhile, Prince Harry agreed to temporarily stop a defamation lawsuit against a major publishing house in order to try and settle the case.

On Tuesday, a young man was arrested by local police after throwing an egg at King Charles while he visited Luton, northwest London. Security immediately removed the king from the scene after palace officials were made aware of the incident. He later returned to meet with citizens as planned.

Last month, Charles and his wife Camilla were attending an event in Yorkshire when a man threw eggs at them. The police eventually apprehended the perpetrator.

Defamation case

In an attempt to settle the case, Prince Harry and Associated Newspapers agreed to temporarily stop a defamation lawsuit today in London’s High Court. The Duke of Sussex sued the company over an article published in February that claimed it tried to hide details about its legal battle with the Home Office surrounding police protection.

Prince Harry and his wife Megan abdicated their royal duties two years ago. He is the son of King Charles.

Prince Harry said that the Mail on Sunday newspaper’s article about his legal case against the Home Office was “relentlessly negative.” The Supreme Court ruled in July that the article was defamatory, but Associated Newspapers said that it contained “expression of opinion” and public statements.

Today, the case returned to court for a preliminary hearing. Harry’s lawyer, Jane Phillips said that the parties had agreed to try and reach a settlement by mid-January.