For every business – big or small – the importance of providing excellent customer service is vital. 

It is used to grow loyalty within a consumer base and make every individual who decides to acquire a product or service feel valued. Many businesses treat their customers solely as numbers on the screen, whilst others who prioritize care for every customer show excellent retention figures.

Thus, if your business’s customer care department needs some refining, here are four practical ways in which the operation can be improved.

1. Running a cost-efficient operation

As is the case with any small business or fresh start-up company, running a top-tier customer service department off the bat might not be at the top of the priorities list, as funds need to be invested in other, more important areas. 

Therefore, a cloud contact center system might be your best bet for cost-efficient and productive customer care.

In comparison to on-premise call centers, cloud call centers can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Because the center itself is in the cloud, you can avoid the costs of purchasing hardware, licenses, and compatible software. A cloud call center can be installed in minutes and can be used by any computer with a stable internet connection – meaning hiring remote customer care employees suddenly becomes a possibility. 

2. Humanize the experience

It is a generally known rule of thumb that acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than retaining existing ones. Consequently, to improve retention rates, humanizing the consumer care experience becomes paramount.

Addressing your customers by name, sending them personalized messages, and curating memorable experiences for them are all methods that can go a long way towards breeding loyal customers; a rewards program can drive up sales and keep them coming for exclusive deals. Engaging with consumers on social media can also foster a community-like environment within the account’s following.

3. Prioritize convenience and quickness

There’s nothing more annoying than calling your bank about an unrecognized charge on your debit card and being put on hold for three hours while they take their sweet old time to find out what’s going on. 

Nowadays, when your consumers encounter a problem with a product or service you’re selling, they will expect a quick response that answers their every question.

Studies show that simply making your customers know that you value their time is much appreciated. Providing self-help alternatives – some customers prefer to help themselves – via an in-depth FAQ section or digestible tutorials can be an excellent way to save them some time. Offering 24/7 and omnichannel customer support only expands the possibilities for interacting with your customers and resolving their needs.

4. Value complaints & feedback

While complaints and criticism are easy to ignore and swipe under the rug, at the end of the day, most businesses of the present operate under customer-centric models – mostly thanks to Amazon. Taking your customer’s complaints seriously will only improve your business practices and aid you in churning out better products and services.

Asking customers directly for feedback through post-purchase surveys or via a concerns form on your company’s website are absolute necessities; proactivity is valued in today’s industry. Focusing on recurring complaints is also important, as not showing a sense of urgency to solve a problem with a product you’re selling will only frustrate your customers. 

Closing Thoughts

Customer service can be thought about in this fashion: While a happy customer will only tell a handful of people regarding a positive experience with a brand, a customer coming away with a negative experience will flame your brand on Twitter for all their followers to see. Hence, imparting great customer care is essential for modern businesses to thrive.


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