A Tour Around Chianti

In the heart of Tuscany’s countryside, fully surrounded by a breath-taking landslide, is located a wonderful experience that can make your stay here comfortable and give you a perfect afternoon, full of relax. The ‘Chianti Wine Tour’ is an organised half-day tour, that allows eager tourists to live up to their dreams, visiting beautiful landscapes and experimenting first-hand the core of Tuscany’s traditional craft ship, thanks to a food and wine tour, where they can taste local and organic wines and oils.

They will be led by an excellent guide, who is very knowledgeable in the field, and will offer you their expertise in many different languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese). Thanks to its expertise, you can discover the local culture and taste the Chianti, one of the most renowned and delicious wines in Italy, which quickly became famous all over the world. But the experience doesn’t end here:  in fact, tourists will also have the chance of visiting the vineyards, where grow various kinds of grapes that will create wines with inimitable tastes, such as Brunello, Barolo, Dolcetto, Montepulciano, and Bolgheri.

With this tour, tourists will also have the chance to learn, step by step, the process that goes from the manual grape harvest, to his production, the so-called ‘vinification’, to the  final product, a wine with a very simple, yet tasteful and intense aroma. Furthermore, they will receive many useful information about the geographical and historical notions of this secular tradition.

The first stop is, indeed, one of many Chianti wine estates, where visitors will be educated on all the general information and processes that are used during the creation of this product. Secondly, it will be showed the procedure in front of the public, giving a great example of this wonderful crafts ship, using only natural elements and processes, in order to achieve the best product possible. Every part of the process requires the manual work of experts that for years navigate through the creation of this wonderful delicacies. At the end of the estate’s visit, it will be offered to visitors an exquisite tasting of the cellars’ wines, accompanied by some local specialties, such as fine cuts of meat, bruschettas and finocchiona salami. 

After this first stop, the tour will move in one of the territory’s oil mill, where tourists will have the chance of watching and learning the process, with which Tuscan oils are created and refined, in order to become some of the most expensive and delicious wines, not only in Italy,  but all over the world. Despite the harsh morphology of the territory, which doesn’t allow a florid cultivation of olive branches, the popular tradition usually tends to mix together blends from different kinds of olives, making its aroma tastier and more sweet-scented. Also, in this stop, it will be possible to participate to a tasting of local and organic oils, to better appreciate the final product of the process, just shown.

In the end, this wonderful trip will take the tourists to Castellina in Chianti, one of the traditional villages in the Tuscan countryside, where they can enjoy the wonderful landscape on the vineyards and surround themselves in this picturesque place. Thanks to many restaurants and cafes in the main area of the village, they can relax and spend the rest of the day in quietness, sipping on a nice cup of coffee or tasting some ice cream.

This tour will not only make you experience different activities during your stay but will also give you a little taste of the Italian ‘lifestyle’. In fact, you will have the chance to regenerate your body and soul, escaping the harsh city life and finding a shelter in the calmness of the Tuscan countryside.

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