Aarhus is a minimalistic theme that will make your help center stand out. It’s a complete product that takes into consideration all Zendesk Guide features and details. Those who are interested in getting the colors to coordinate with brand guidelines should choose the Branding Service. It is also possible to make various changes once you have chosen Customization.

The price includes taxes

Singular payment

Content info remains unchanged

Provided services:

1. Services for Professionals and Enterprises (The Lite plan does not include custom themes – order Copenhagen upgrade if you need them).

2. Suitable for up-to-date browsers

3. Combines all standard Guide components

4. All icons and colors can be changed in accordance with your request

5. Extra features for formatting text

6. Table of Contents and Sidebar Navigation

7. Prev Next buttons and Alerts

What is Aarhus

It is a Zendesk theme that has been developed by GrowthDot professionals based on the regular descriptions of the template. The design was created in accordance with all Zendesk elements such as Sidebar Navigation and Prev Next buttons.

Sidebar navigation is a header you can see constantly and Prev Next buttons are what you use in order to change the page and move back and forth.

An important benefit the theme has is access to custom links in the footer. They can be activated to connect with social accounts or similar pages.

Once you get this theme there will be no need to look for extra products or overpay for changing it to fit your taste. As a self-sufficient product, Aarhus includes everything one might need, no matter if it is a branding solution or a small change in appearance.

Multiple Device Accessibility

All of the themes GrowthDot offers have another trait that makes using them even easier – it does not matter what kind of device you are using because they are accessible on practically all of them. Of course, this is true about Aarhus as well. It was originally intended to support various displays and sizes. This is a solution that fits any device you may need to use with any browser you are using. Scrutinized testing work has been applied in order to achieve these results. You can expect proper experience and functioning regardless if you are using a phone, tablet or laptop.

What is Aarhus

Formatting Opportunities

There is more to GrowthDot themes than just creating a visually pleasant experience. Another thing you get when using Aarhus is the possibility to change the appearance of your articles. With additional formatting features that are offered, the way your texts look can match the concept you are trying to promote.

It can gain visibility and become easier to read if you make some appropriate upgrades.

Preview Option

The pages are redesigned to make sure every user gets a unique experience.

Great service without any difficulties


Once you start working with one of GrowthDot themes you acquire access to various basic tools such as color altering, hero images, fonts, icons, homepage layouts. These may sound a little complicated and it may seem that to work with them you need some particular knowledge. However, no coding skills are required at all. All the changes can be made via team’s editor.

A user also has the ability to order Branding services from GrowthDot experts and not have to do anything.

Installing Aarhus

GrowthDot’s main mission is to make using themes easy and fast. For this reason, GrowthDot has successfully made all the installations completely free for all users. The team can do all the work for you or you can use the mini-tutorial and do it yourself.


Easy and clean customization is probably one of the most valuable aspects a software can have. You can achieve even higher levels of personalization if you have some HTML or CSS knowledge. If you do not have a desire to work on this personally you can always choose GrowthDot Customization service.


Immediate Access

Once you buy GrowthDot theme it is a matter of 3-5 minutes till you receive the file. You can then install it with no delay and start personalizing it the next moment.


Zendesk fully supports all the functions. These themes cover every aspect of the site including the smallest details. Complete compatibility makes it reverent for all.

Demo for Everyone

If you still have doubts regarding purchasing Aarhus you can see exactly how it functions using the demo tool. It allows you to have a live experience of using Aarhus before you have actually bought and installed it, so you can avoid any disappointment.

Tidy Codebase

You can be sure that there will be no problems with running GrowthDot themes. Troubles such as crashes or errors have been successfully eliminated before the final release. GrowthDot can guarantee that no issues will ruin your work once you install Aarhus because the database is clear and professionally arranged.

Included Icons

Another aspect one may enjoy is access to more than 700 unique icons from Font Awesome. You can choose one for your homepage or profile and the vast variety means that every user can find something they like.

DIY Branding Solutions

Efficient branding solutions are built around themes as an integral element. Aarhus allows you to step away from simply using defaulted features.  You can also put your own effort and imagination into building your branding strategies while using the themes.

Install easily

GrowthDot has an installation service for those who want to avoid installing software themselves. No matter if you lack time for it or do not have any experience, it can be done for you and save your time.

Multilingual Content

Not all services allow you to work in different languages. However, GrowthDot themes allow users to apply different languages when creating titles or buttons. You can use Dynamic Content to make your articles accessible for users from all over the globe.

Extension Support

Even though all the necessary features are provided, some users may want to go even further and achieve even a higher level of customization or extra features. Aarhus is completely compatible with all types of extensions, so you can do this as well.


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