Can you imagine your winters without burning fire in the fireplace of your house? Although, heaters have taken over and many of us have left this practice but having a fire lit in your fireplace makes winters more traditional and cozier. Blizzard hails, and snowstorms may force you not to enjoy winter. However, it is a beautiful feeling to be burl up in front of a crackling fireplace with a book, drink, or your family as your company. The beauty of the fireplace adds to the beauty of this season and your house. The most exciting part of having a fireplace is that you can be creative with it. Not only with its aesthetics but with safety precautions too. According to the statistics, fireplace accidents account for 42% of all home-heating fires and emergency room visits every year. A glass fire door can be a productive and safer option for the focal point of the room; the firehouse.

Is adding a glass door to your fireplace safe? If so, what makes it safe?

The first thought that might occur in our mind after reading a fireplace glass door is how a fireplace can have a glass door? It might be confusing for some of us to comprehend that how can glass door be suitable for a fireplace. 

Glass doors are very suitable to be a part of your fireplace. There is no danger following its insertion. There are plenty of safety benefits of having a fireplace glass door:

No matter how careful we are while burning and dying of the fire in the fireplace, there is always a risk of damage due to an open hearth. Glass doors play a vital role in preventing the embers and sparks from escaping the fireplace. This reduces the chance of injuring someone or flammable objects catching fire. Some woods shoot more sparks than other woods, and logs tend to roll out once the fire starts to die. Having a glass door can prevent all such small things from happening to prevent and protect your belongings and family from any mishap. Sudden downdrafts from the chimney may also be avoided conveniently through glass doors.

Fireplace glass doors may require a protective screen as they can turn hot and may result in harming children or pets. 

fireplace safe

For safety purposes and precautionary measures, Fireplace glass doors can be your finest choice.


Glass doors stand out than any other door option for a fireplace. Many places have metal, steel, wooden doors installed in their fireplace. However, glass doors have qualities that the said doors lack. Fireplace glass doors are cost-effective. They do not weigh down your pocket at all. Another main reason for them standing out from the rest of the material doors is that they provide a comparatively better seal. This seal acts as a window and allows air to escape allowing your home to remain warm and cozy. Wooden or metal doors do not provide the efficiency that glass doors do. Some experts are of the view that glass doors triple the heat that enters the room. These do not block or trap the heat; instead, the heat from the fire radiates into the room. This quality doubles the efficiency of the rate as compared to other doors that only convert 10% of the firewood’s energy into useful heat. 

As you consider all these options, glass doors have weightage than the rest of the materials used for fireplace doors. if you have other materials fire doors, we recommend you should be think fire place glass replacement option.


Fireplace glass doors

As much as glass doors augment the beauty of your fireplace and works efficiently, it is difficult to maintain them. The cleaning of fireplace glass door should be done on an everyday basis to keep it clean and shining. 

Fireplace glass doors develop tough stains from the smoke, flame, and heat. Usually, if the stains are of less intensity, it is easier to clean them with a cloth. However, for the cleaning of tough stains, you need to make sure the door is at room temperature. To scrape off the gunk deposit, use a razor blade. Keep the razor blade at a 45-degree angle so that you do not leave marks on the door. You can either use vinegar or a small amount of liquid detergent added in water. Spray or sponge the cleaner on with the customized liquid, and then wipe it with a gentle cloth. Although this process may seem to take a lot of effort, you can turn it into fun family time with your kids. 

Another option is to buy a glass cleaner from a fireplace store. They are specialized cleaners to fight the tough marks. 



The fireplace glass door can radiate the heat and warm the room efficiently; therefore, it can be kept closed while the fire burns in the fireplace. You can keep it open as well, but safety measures include the door being closed. To protect your belongings from the ashes, smoke, burning logs, soot, and sparks, it is wise to keep the door closed. 


  • Do not overload the fireplace.
  • Let fresh air enter the room when you light a fire.
  • Let the ashes cool fully before removing them.
  • Do not allow children or pets to get too close to the fireplace
  • Make sure the fire is fully extinguished before leaving the room for a long time.
  • Keep in mind that ash and embers can remain hot for long after the fire has been extinguished.
  • Install a chimney cap with a mesh screen spark arrestor to help prevent embers or sparks from escaping.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the room where your fireplace is located. It’s a must.
  • Store firewood at least 30 feet away from your house.
  • Install smoke detectors. Check them monthly and maintain them in a working condition. 
  • Clean the firebox at least once a week during the cold months.

Use specialized fireplace tools (a brush, a poker, a shovel, and tongs) when tending to the fire.


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