Commercial induction cooker, as known as commercial induction cooktop, has been a new trend in commercial kitchen equipment restaurants. Before analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of commercial induction cooker hob, we might as well first gain an overall knowledge of it.

How do commercial induction cookers work?

The heating principle of the commercial induction stove is to convert the alternating current of a conventional circuit into direct current through the component of the electronic circuit board (IGBT module). Then convert to the high-frequency high-voltage current through the control circuit, and form high-frequency alternating magnetic field through the spiral magnetic induction coil. The magnetic field lines inside the magnetic field through the bottom of the pot with conductive material produces alternating current (eddy current), make the pots iron molecules collide at high speed and no regulation. Friction and generating heat makes itself to high fever, which converts electrical energy into heat energy, for heating and cooking food, to achieve the purpose of cooking.

induction cookers work

Unlike traditional stove, commercial induction cooker has various advantages to be the preferred choice of a modern commercial kitchen.

Advantages of commercial induction cooker

1/Interesting design: Commercial induction cooker has lots of unique and attractive designs compared to traditional stoves.

2/High Efficiency: Efficiency of the induction cooktop equals to 95%. To make it even more specific, 1 liter of water could be boiled up in just 3 minutes.

3/Heating average: 360 All-directional uniform heating, no heating dead zone. The use of high-quality heating coil, make the induction stove uniform heating, avoid local heating.

4/Easy to clean: With smooth surface, commercial induction cooker is easy to be cleaned and stay stainless.

5/Automatic pan recognition: Cooking zones are equipped with automatic pan recognition, and they are activated only in the presence of cookware thanks to the magnetic (ferrous) base.

6/Possibility to adjust the cooking temperature: With the new generation induction cookers, it is possible to select from a series of cooking programs suitable for each recipe (braised meats, broths, roasts, etc.). And thanks to the homogeneous heat distribution, cooking is more uniform.

7/Low risks: With induction cooker, no thermal dispersion, no gas leak out. Also, the part of the glass-ceramic surrounding the cooking area remains cold. Thus, there is no risk of burns.

With induction cooker

Looking for a recommendation? The commercial induction cooker 3500W from Smabo is said to be the best. This stainless steel commercial induction hob can remain clean and long lifetime of up to 10 years. The temperature control device is also helpful in simple and convenient cooking operation. It also provides efficient cooking solutions, achieving more than 95% energy efficiency. What’s more, this commercial induction range is specially designed for safety, such as an empty pan cut off and 3 hours auto shutoff, over/ low voltage protection,overheat protection as well as over current protection. You can apply this portable induction hob any time you want at home, restaurants, cooking stations and any other catering industry. Besides, cooking ways including stir-frying, boiling and simmering are all available with the commercial induction cooker 3500W.

Disadvantages of commercial induction cooker

1/Higher price: Because of the advanced techniques, excellent material and the glass-ceramic stoves it has used, the cost of the induction cooker is higher than the classic gas cooker. Especially when the commercial ones are used in a larger amount, you might think carefully about the increased cost. But I would say that the value is worth the expense.

2/Incompatibility of some cookware: Most of the non-stick pans have an aluminum coating (not magnetized and do not activate the coils). Not even the glass casseroles, the copper or ceramic pots and the terracotta pots activate the coils. As a result, many kitchen pans are not suitable for the induction stove, and part of them will have to be replaced.

Regardless of these disadvantages, with higher efficiency and environmentally friendly energy sources, many restaurants, even some Michelin Restaurants, have put the commercial induction cooker 3500W widely in use. Applying them in massive amount not only render huge assistance to cooking efficiency but also ensure the safety, which always comes first in most restaurants. No wonder it could lead the trend and bring revolution into catering industry.

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of commercial induction cooktop, have you made up your mind to make a change or not? Commercial induction cooker is the development direction of modern commercial kitchen, Ask for more information, Smabo maybe a good choice.

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