The Advantages of consuming Protein Shake

Protein Shake

Have you ever wondered how protein will help you gain muscles mass and lose fat around your stomach?

Proteins have remained to be a favorite among bodybuilders and they are consuming protein in multiple forms to ensure that they stay on a high protein diet. The best way to consume proteins is definitely through solid foods instead of supplements, although it is tough when you have a busy schedule.

Protein shakes have grown into popularity due to the same reason. You will need a nice whey protein shake, a shaker bottle and some water to get you sorted with your protein requirements.


Protein is used to repair the torn muscles and with the right quantity, the body starts becoming healthier. As solid foods take time to digest and get circulated around your body, consuming protein shake after your workout will only take 30 minutes to reach the destination and how effects on your body. Proteins are essential for the manufacture of enzymes, hormones and also serve as a great form of cellular messengers.

The Best Type of Protein

Whey protein is a favorite among bodybuilders as it improves the overall health. However, in order to determine the protein that best suits your requirement, you will have to look into the BV, or Biological Value that replaces 100 grams of protein from your diet.

Proteins that have a high BV assist the growth of tissues and muscles. Although it Is not an essential factor, BV definitely forms a benchmark to determine the protein that best suits your requirement.

Recommended Quantity of Protein Intake

It is recommended that an average individual needs 1 gram of protein per pound of weight. If you consume more of it, it will help you in a faster recovery. However, consumption of protein in exorbitant quantities is not recommended. Even if you do so, you will have to increase your calcium and magnesium intake so that there is regulation in the body. You will be surprised to know that three quarters of the solids present in your body are made of proteins!

Best Time for Protein Intake

As you know proteins are highly beneficial, the next question that would pop in your mind is regarding the best time to consume proteins. One serving of protein is definitely recommended immediately after you workout as your body will start recovering and would need proteins.

Apart from that, having high protein meals once every three to four hours will also ensure that your muscles will be supplied with proteins constantly. Try consuming proteins that are difficult to digest, as they will remain in circulation until your next meal.


Irrespective of what your fitness goals are, proteins are a must as it helps you in achieving optimal progress and you will realize it slowly. People who undergo intense training also benefit greatly from protein intake, as it increases their overall resistance and strength. It also has anti-ageing properties! To know more about the advantages, try being on a protein diet for while!

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