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Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition Review

Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition is smart OS X software that is designed to deliver 9 cutting edge disk management utilities to Mac users. This third party Mac disk utility is a special offering to those Mac users who have been tired of their slow and ailing Mac systems.

9 Mac applications to optimize Mac hard drive performance

Speedup Mac

This tool cleans up all the redundant data and unwanted files from Mac hard drive in a go.


Uninstaller app allows removal of those software, applications, widgets and plugins that aren’t used or required on Mac OS X


Wipe Mac utility performs secure wipe of Mac partitions and Mac startup hard drive with almost dozens of wiping algorithms.


Optimizes and full defrags Mac hard disk drives, external hard drives and password protected media on OS X.

Volume Repair

Free repairs damaged disk permissions on Mac boot drive and rebuilds corrupt directory structure of Mac hard drives. Also supports working on external and solid state drive.

Drive Monitor

This utility is helpful in determining the Mac SMART status, bad sectors and hard drive temperature. In case of near drive failure the software performs full backup of the hard drive.

Smart Finder

This little utility helps eliminate unused files, large files and duplicate files from every corner of Mac hard drive.


With this app user can compare their hard drive performance with that of pre-stored performance of other Mac computers.

Smart Mac Care

The Smart Mac Care allows scheduling of various utilities like Speedup Mac, Mac Wipe, Volume Optimizer to optimize Mac on definite time period.

Special benefits of Speedup Mac Platinum Edition

  1. Ability to create Bootable media for optimization task such as defragging, wiping and repairing Mac hard drive
  1. 24X5 Technical Assistant throughout the year
  1. Special 50% off on Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition.
  1. Technician license also available for multiple installations at multiple locations.

Compare features of Speedup Mac and Speedup Mac Platinum Edition

Why choose a third party Mac disk utility?

The answer is simple but logical. Not always Mac’s own Disk Utility stands up to a situation. Such occasions may arrive when Disk Utility gives up on a task. Be it partitioning the Mac hard drive, cloning the Mac disk, repairing the corruption on the hard drive or anything, disk utility may or may not perform to the best level.

Disk Utility doesn’t offer to defrag Mac hard drive that also is a turn off. Mac hard drives especially older drives and those who have been used to run bulky applications may require defragmentation. However, Disk Utility won’t defrag a Mac at any cost.

Dealing with Mac hard drive corruption could also be a nail-biting situation. In case of severe logical wear and tear the Disk Utility will give up and will flash you the below message:

Error: Disk Utility can’t repair this disk. Back up as many of your files as possible, reformat the disk, and restore your backed-up files

In such a case user will surely turn up to a third party Mac disk repair tool.

Walking ahead, there are more disk related activities that Disk Utility can’t perform. One of them is wiping the Mac startup hard drive. It’s true you can’t secure wipe a drive from which you have booted the Mac OS X. In order to wipe Macintosh HD a bootable media is required that will target the Mac HD for wiping. This again is performed by alternative Disk Management software for Mac OS X.

Apart from these, Mac users require the software that can clean up Junks, Duplicate files, unnecessary Logs, Caches, Trashes, useless Language files and plenty of applications that are unwanted.  Collectively, Stellar Speedup Mac Platinum Edition performs all those above-mentioned activities to user satisfaction. Order with confidence now.


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