(video) Amber Heard “comes back to life” in a dance joint

Amber Heard comes back to life

A viral video of Amber Heard passionately grooving with a young man in an eatery has been making its rounds on social media platforms.

It seems that the actress wants to start her new year happily, after the year 2022 was the worst ever for her, due to the defamation case. brought against her by the star Johnny Depp, which ended with his victory.

According to the “Marca” website, Heard appeared dancing with a member of the “In the Fire” movie crew to the tune of “Como la Flor” by the late American singer Tejano Selinas.

The audience was surprised by Heard’s exceptional dancing and noted her wonderful rhythm and movements, and one of them commented on the video, saying: “Amber is back to life.”

The site indicated that Heard’s dance partner in the video is Bernardo Triana, who also published a number of photos with the artist through his “Instagram” account.

Last year, a Virginia jury ruled that Heard defamed Depp in a six-week trial .

The court hearings were widely viewed and included clear and frank evidence detailing the strained relationship between the former spouses.