If you’re an iPhone owner who is going on to possess forgotten your passcode, otherwise you have purchased a pre-loved iPhone with someone else’s Apple ID still thereon, then you’ll think that you’ve reached a dead-end.

Fortunately, there’s this small tool called AnyUnlock that might be your software-in-shining-armor.

Get eliminate the Screen Time Passcode from Your iPhone

In order to shield the Screen Time settings and to avoid getting them modified, your iPhone enables you to use a Screen Time passcode. This is often what helps you get entry into the Screen Time modifications panel. AnyUnlock helps you remove this Screen Time passcode also from your iPhone, just in case you ever forget it.

Screen Time Passcode

It is easy to forget your Screen Time passcode if you’ve got not used it during a while. With AnyUnlock’s Monitor Time passcode deletion feature, you are doing not have to fear or fright about fail to recall the code. The app helps you to reset it on your device without much effort. Once you’ve got used Any Unlock to get rid of the Screen Time passcode, you’ll be able to then founded a brand new passcode of your choice.

iTunes Backup Passwords

You will want to decrypt your backups once you not wish to remain them encrypted. you’ll also want to undertake to to that if you have forgotten the password for your backups. AnyUnlock will confirm of that for you and remove the encryption from your iTunes backups for you.

Recover iTunes Backup Passwords 

One of the terrible circumstances any iPhone user can fear of is disremembering the password for your iTunes backup. If you enable the encryption option for your backup so you forget the password for that backup, you will not be able to restore it on your iPhone or the opposite device. Until and unless you supply iTunes with the password for that backup, there is not any chance you’re getting your data back. iTunes Backup Password Recovery that allows you to recover the password for your iTunes backups. It’d sound a tiny low amount surprising but it can indeed recover the forgotten passwords for your backup files.

All you would like to try to is tell the app where your backups are saved and what backup you wish to recover the password for. You then must choose a way to crack your backup password and so leave it to AnyUnlock to perform its magic. Within some minutes, you ought to be ready to recover the password for your backup.

iOS Password Manager

iPhone enhances varied of your internet water sport and app login experiences by auto-completing the login fields for you. It’s able to jazz as a result of your login credentials are saved on the device. If you ever got to bring these logins out of your iPhone, you’ll use one among AnyUnlock’s options.

AnyUnlock has a choice referred to as iOS watchword Manager that enables you to look at further as manage the passwords saved on your iOS-based device. With this feature, you’ll retrieve and consider your LAN accounts and their passwords, web site and app login details, email account logins, your Apple ID logins, even your master card info.

The passwords are displayed on your screen and you’ll be able to copy it to your clipboard User Guide It’s an entire user guide of using AnyUnlock.

Step 1: You start with the installation and download of AnyUnlock on your PC. Thereafter, you would like to attach your iPhone to your PC via USB cable and choose the “Unlock Screen Time Passcode” option that’s there on the highest right of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the “Unlock Now” button that you just will find on your screen there.

Step 3: The software will start creating a backup of your data together with its encrypting. Once this software is finished analyzing your device, you only should sit up for the method to complete and you may get an iPhone without screen time passcode within the end.


It offers the subsequent main features, which can look interesting to you if you’ve ever been in a very locked-out situation on your iPhone:

The ability to get rid of an Apple ID from a tool with an easy click A quick and straightforward way of bypassing a screen passcode of any type on the device Unlocking iPhone backup encryption with none hassle or technical knowledge. The ability to get rid of the Screen Time passcode without having to grasp the passcode.

Whether you want to urge eliminate the Apple ID from your iPhone otherwise you area unit trying to induce past the Screen Time passcode screen, AnyUnlock can assist you’re taking away all locks from your iPhone and iPad during a twinkling with none problem the smallest amount bit. We’ve an inclination to hope you discover it helpful.

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