Obtained the approval of the Aviation Administration.. In the video – the flying car became a reality

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States has granted a license certificate to a groundbreaking flying car, known as the (Model A). This revolutionary vehicle is not only fully electric but also capable of both flying and traveling on roads, marking a significant milestone in transportation innovation.

ALEF Automotive claims that their flying car is not only capable of vertical take-off and landing, but it can also be driven on public roads and parked like regular cars. This groundbreaking vehicle combines the convenience of road transportation with the freedom of flight.

Regarding the matter, the Federal Aviation Administration stated that while this car is not the first of its kind to acquire a special airworthiness certificate, it sets itself apart with its unique capability to operate both on the roads and in the air, all while maintaining the appearance of a conventional car.

She that the vehicle would have the capacity to accommodate one or two passengers and would possess a road range of up to 320 km, along with a flight range of up to 177 km.

The Federal Aviation Administration has officially confirmed the issuance of a certificate of private airworthiness to the company. This certification grants them the authority to conduct limited flights for various purposes, such as research and development.

She mentioned that the flying car will receive certification as a low-speed vehicle, restricting its maximum speed to 40 kilometers per hour on paved roads. This aligns with our goal of offering an eco-friendly mode of transportation, bringing us closer to our established plans.

“We are thrilled to have received this certification from the FAA,” expressed Jim Duchovny, CEO of Alef, in a press release. “It brings us closer to revolutionizing commuting by offering greener and faster alternatives, ultimately saving individuals and businesses countless hours of work each week. This milestone marks not only a small step for airplanes but also a giant leap for the automotive industry.”

Since 2015, the development of the Model A has been underway, drawing inspiration from the 2015 film Back to the Future Part II. With careful attention to word choice, structure, readability, and eloquence, the original meaning of the content has been preserved while enhancing its overall writing quality.

The company is now accepting pre-orders for (Model A), an eagerly anticipated release set to debut in 2025 with a price tag of approximately $300,000. Secure your spot now for this highly sought-after innovation.


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