Is it hard for you to get a good night’s sleep? Are you tossing and turning because it’s too hot? Maybe this is not a constant issue, but every now and then, people experience this issue. Some of us have this problem on a regular basis, while others are just lucky enough to experience such events rarely.

The recommended temperature for healthy sleep is between 60 and 70 degrees, and it’s hard to maintain such temperatures during the hot summer nights. Especially if you’re too sensitive to the AC and rely on the cool night air.

This blog is for all you hot sleepers out there, and even if you do not have warm night issues, stay on this page to see some tips and tricks for a better night’s sleep.

Before we continue, let’s see how bad your case is

Are you a Hot Sleeper?

Hot sleepers are people who constantly feel warm during the night. Their hot body temperature wakes them up, which leads to sleep deprivation. If you’re constantly waking up in the middle of the night or sweating without being sick, then you should definitely keep reading.

This might seem like a small issue, but if steps are not taken, it might lead to permanent and more serious disorders.

How to Cool Down at Night?

Before answering this, keep in mind that feeling too warm at night might be a symptom of a number of medical conditions. These can vary from low blood sugar to hormone disorders and neurological conditions. If sweating at night is something new to you, make sure to see a doctor.

Now, let’s move on. Feeling too warm at night is not necessarily a sign of a medical condition, and you can stay cool with a few simple tricks.

As mentioned before, the ideal temperature for sleeping is between 60 and 70 degrees. For most people, the upper border is set at 67 degrees, but when it comes to infants and the elderly, they usually feel more comfortable at temperatures between 65 and 70.

This means that maintaining your bed temperature is the obvious solution. How do you do that?

#1. Get Natural Fiber Sheets

When it comes to natural fiber, it means cotton or bamboo. These fibers are not only good for absorbing moisture but also because they efficiently dry it in a quick manner. In addition, many sleep experts suggest that using sheets with a lower thread count is the best practice for people sweating at night. Think of your jogging outfit or hiking clothing. The material used for such clothing allows something called “moisture wicking” to occur. This material is very breathable. Likewise, sheets made from a similar material are a great resource for a hot sleeper.

#2. Choose a Cooler Pillow

Just like the sheets, you need a pillow that is breathable. Whether you like to sleep on the side, back or stomach, choosing the right pillow should also consist of choosing a pillow that is not overheating your head and neck.

#3. Switch to Innerspring Mattresses

Get yourself an innerspring or hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses have an innerspring paired with foam or padded topper that reduces heat retention.

However, if getting a new mattress is not an option at the moment, there are some gadgets that work as thermostats and help you regulate the temperature.

#4. Consider Sleeping Naked

For sure, you should get rid of the silk pajamas, no matter how comfortable they are. However, if light pajamas made out of cotton, for example, don’t help, sleeping naked is the best way to thermoregulate your body. Believe it or not, this also has a few health benefits, and some believe sleeping naked helps you lose weight and reduce stress.

#5. Use a Fan

Fans help with the effect of convection, and this is one of your body’s natural cooling processes. There are specially designed fans that blow air under bed sheets.

Let’s Wrap Up

The best way for hot sleepers to stay asleep is regulating the temperature of their environment. This applies to people that are not experiencing such issues on a regular basis. A lot of time is spent sleeping, and making the best of it is important to maintain general well-being.


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