Are you Stressed or depressed? Solve it now

Are you Stressed or depressed

Maybe you could think that they are two completely different things, but they do have a common factor.

If you are able to control one “little secret”, you’ll be able to overcome stress and defeat depression.

In a few words:

Stress is some kind of pressure, hurry, motivation (overdose) that you or your environment force to get things done.

You (ALL your body, mind and ego) respond to this demand in different ways depending on your education, culture, sex, health, etc.

If you can manage it, you’ll relieve the pressure and could keep moving.

If not, you’ll “blow up” your mind and your body.

Meaning, if the pressure is too much, you´ll get stressed.

Depression is a real illness that affects your brain and body.

The medical explanation is far beyond this article, BUT what you are about to learn will help you fight and defeat this insanity.

stressThe little secret

It is ALL about time.

Time is an illusion. If you know how to play this game, you’ll win, otherwise, you’ll get sick.

Stressed people try to live the future. They are pressured to get things done, and when they do it, new ones are added.

It is a never ending cycle where the stressed people get “rewarded” while “playing” the game of trying to win time. They are obsessed to accomplish things. When they do, they need more. It is their drug. The action keeps them alive.

On the other side, the depressed ones are those who believe “past times were better”.

The vast majority of depressed people live from memories. Their lives are lost in the past.

Neither stressed nor depressed are able to enjoy life.They can not understand the NOW. All of us are prisoners of time. But time offers us a way out.

Enjoy the moment, it is all we have.

When we begin to appreciate “the now”, we realize that life is worth living. You can practice this anytime.

Enjoy the moment

Maybe you can take a walk.

Try not to think.

Let your eyes wander around, looking at nothing but the sky or the trees.

Then stare at one tree.

If you can see the top leaves you’ll notice a light breeze that makes them dance.

Then if your mind is in peace whilst keep on looking at them, you’ll probably feel that the leaves say “hello”.

I mean, seriously, you’ll feel the contact. You’ll probably notice, for the very first time, that nature is alive. And you´ll taste it.

This understanding will let you manage your time in a different way.

You’ll not be in a hurry anymore. Plus you won’t be a person who lives in the past. It is fine to get things done and have a plan. You MUST plan the future.

Get things done, but framed, not in a rush. On the other side, it is perfectly safe to treasure memories.

For your sake, you should have bad and good ones.

Everyone have them, but health people live the present and occasionally some thought may “visit” you in the present. You can welcome it, BUT you can not follow it to the past, just LEAVE it alone and allow you to come back to present again.

Set your remembrances free.


  1. Enjoy the present
  2. Plan your future
  3. Leave your remembrances in the past, just visit them seldom, but do not live with them
  4. Peace your mind
  5. Again, enjoy the NOW, learn to live the present

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