Is getting warmer outside, the sun is out, spring is arriving.  We all want to spend more time outside. Happy times, good music, and your favorite person. Time to bring joy with your favorite playlists and music everywhere you go with the Audials Play App. 

Let’s get to know Audials Play. 

Audials Play is a free music allrounder. This includes radio podcasts and music. 

Have your favorite radio stations and podcasts always available when you need them. 

Audials Play is a game-changer because you can now easily download music wirelessly from your PC. 

The app is resplendent in its new design, simply fun and entertainment first class. 

Still not convinced that you need to download it right now. No problem.  There is a lot to find out.

Discover radio channels 

A flight across the globe is expensive, Audials Play is free. Though decision. Discover over 100,000 radio stations sorted either by country,  genre, type of music played, or stream quality. One tap and you are ready to listen to the station of your choice. Avoid the ones which play commercials frequently.

Discover radio channels

Keep track of your favorite stations by simply adding them to your favorites.

You can also favor artists and get suitable suggestions. Turn the app into your very personal radio experience.

music you enjoy listening

Whether which kind of music you enjoy listening to, we ensure you will find what you are looking for. Countless radio stations are waiting for you.

music you enjoy listening

Podcasts have taken the world by storm and have become an essential part of our daily lives.

While driving, cleaning, or just hanging out,  every moment seems to be suitable for good podcasts.

. With more than 300,00 podcasts with millions of episodes, so running out of podcasts won’t be a problem. 

All topics are covered, no matter if you are interested in science, comedy, or politics you will get a hit in your search.

Download episodes to also enjoy them offline.

Download episodes

Try out our unique feature and record radio stations and get separated mp3 tracks. Grow your music collection even without the internet.

if wanted you can also program recordings with Audials.

recordings with Audials

How to transfer music wirelessly from your computer:

Install the free Audials Play for your PC and all your music from the computer will be visible in the app, then you download it.

How to transfer music

Driving without music is unimaginable! Android Auto is the easiest way to listen to all the podcasts and radios while driving. Don’t worry if your car doesn’t support this the care mode makes it possible for you to operate the app ideally while driving.

Driving without music

Get the App today, right here. For the iOS here.

Get the App today