Why Avoid A Pizza While On A Diet, Just Choose Your Slice Wisely


Have you ever queried why people begin dieting, after all, they settle up with more calorie consumption than before? Also, some irrelevant stuff that’s been witnessed all through these times is that people quit eating whilst on a diet. Believe it or not, this is the gravest mistake someone can commit while on dieting.

Dieting never means to stop eating food immediately, dieting means to consolidate your diet program with proper food that renders the appropriate quantity of nutritional values, no more, no less.

Recalling an episode associated with a hot conversation over a Pizza. We placed an order for a pizza from an Italian restaurant but she didn’t touch it at all. She defended herself bydeclaring that she was dieting to lose some weight and wishes to stick with healthful food. However, several nutritional facts immediately made her recognize the significance of a pizza for during dieting. if you live in Singapore You can find best delivery pizza by visiting Pizza Delivery Singapore.

Here is few major nutritional evidence regarding pizza that you should grasp before you quit pizza for your diet. All you have to estimate is the nutritional requirement

Calories requirement for individuals

Before you start thinking about your diet plan- what to eat and what not to, knowing your personal calorie requirement would prove helpful. You can create two diet plans with incorporating one high calorie and one low-calorie food, saving you from the misery of compromising with your taste buds.

So, according to Pizza Pizza, a healthy individual needs 1500 to 2300 milligrams of sodium per day, children or senior citizens need less of sodium due to less daily activities. The calorie requirement of a healthy adult needs to be in between 2000 to 2400 depending on the no of activities per individual.

1.Order a low-calorie pizza

Most of the pizza restaurant offer low-calorie pizza for those who are concerned about their weight or following a strict diet. This low-calorie pizza will most probably be a vegetarian pizza. Mostly the calorie content of a veg pizza is approximately around 200 calories, and the vegetables add the essential flavors without any extra calories.

You can ask the chef to use a thin crust which would be of lesser calories as compared to usual pizza

2.Pizza you should avoid

Non-veg pizza or the ones loaded with meat are a good source of calories and the worst pizza’s for you to order. This is one pizza you will have to compromise with if you’re not a vegan.

On an average, each pizza slice adds 40 calories and the calorie value can increase depending upon the size of the pizza, extra cheese or other toppings.

3.Healthy tips while ordering your pizza

  • Ask for thin crust pizza than usual ones
  • Order pizza with a whole wheat crust to fulfill 20% of your body’s fiber requirement.
  • Avoid dip sauce, whether garlic or butter
  • Order traditional tomato- sauce pizza

These tips can save you from compromising with your taste buds. So, anyone for a pizza now?


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