A man’s journey to marriage will never be complete without having an awesome bachelor party before he ties the knot. This anticipated party of a lifetime is the last opportunity to enjoy being single and do ridiculously fun acts within the bounds of law. Usually joined by a pack of males who have made a remarkable mark in the groom’s life, a bachelor party organized is the best send-off party you can give to the groom.

Just like any activity, there are essential rules every invited guest must follow to ensure that everything goes well during a bachelor party. These rules may be logical and obvious, while others are silent codes you need to be reminded of. Take a look at the bachelor-party rules below, and remember each of them by heart.

Trust the Best Man

A cardinal rule in bachelor parties is that the best man is the party planner. He is expected to send the invites, choose the venue, and basically plan everything for the party.

The party may be just one night or the whole weekend. It can be celebrated within the metropolis, in the beach, or somewhere far from home. The best man, however, should have a close coordination with groom as to his preferences such as the persons to be invited or the activities to be done during the party. They may also talk initially about great groomsmen gift ideas before the groom gets caught up with more pressing wedding matters at this point.
Trust the Best Man

Get Enough Rest before the Party

You don’t want to look lethargic or stressed out with the rest of the guys during the party. Especially since a bachelor party usually entails booze and loads of fun, you need to have sufficient energy to keep up and stay awake until the sun rises.

Your presence is not enough; you must also need to participate in different activities prepared by the host, usually the best man of the wedding. To become well-rested, you need to have a sound sleep before the bachelor party or drink energy drinks to boost your mood.
Enough Rest before the Party

Never Run Out of Money

Remember one thing: the groom pays for nothing.

While the best man is the party planner, it is an open secret that all guests should split the bill at the end of the merrymaking. Of course, you don’t want a second-best party for the groom.

Try not to limit the spending for just one night or weekend. Do not forget that a bachelor party only comes once in a groom’s lifetime. In order to avoid the surprise of losing all your pennies, save up for the bachelor party to save yourself from the headache of spending too much.

Only Safe Fun, Please

Another consideration in throwing a stag party is to keep everyone safe and sound. This means that the party planner should exclude physically harmful activities during the party. The rule is to have fun and getting hurt is not fun at all.

While the main goal is to have an awesome party, everyone should make sure that everything is under control and in moderation. Also, guests should avoid putting the groom in an embarrassing situation or placing him in danger.
Only Safe Fun

Continue Partying until the Groom Says Otherwise

The party never stops until the groom says it is over. Always remember that the bachelor party is held for the groom and not for the guests. Invited men in a bachelor party are expected to have fun as the groom enjoys every happy moment with his best buds. While it is best to stay until the party end, you may ask discreetly the groom to excuse yourself and have a graceful exit.

Enjoy and Have Fun

Last but not the least, stay awesome. You will never go wrong by becoming true to yourself, enjoying the moment, and having fun. Forget all your worries, dance to the rhythm, and lose all your inhibitions.

By making the most out of the party, the groom will surely feel good and remember that his bachelor party is one of the greatest moments in his lifetime. Just remember these important bachelor party rules, and everything will be a blast.