The problem with beauty problems is that they are no problems just matters exaggerated to sound like big issues. One only needs to believe in their amicable solutions and take the necessary steps to get rid of them. It is easy and doesn’t take much time. All you need is to look around and take a sigh of relief.

Check out a few beauty problems that we all face, but are unaware of the solutions.

1Frizzy hair

If those baby hair just at the base of your hairline are making you unhappy, here is something really interesting. Grab a toothbrush. Spray some heat protection serum over it and run over your flyaways before you blow dry. Look into the mirror. Is the unwanted frizz still visible? Wasn’t that easy and super quick. Believe me, no one has complained about the frizz again after using this trick.

2Rough Skin

Perhaps the most cliched yet the most talked about problem in winters. Keep a moisturizer handy in winters as moisturizing in the morning and night is not sufficient. Slather your skin with Revitol moisturizing cream or alike every time you wash your hands. This doesn’t take more than a few seconds and is the most useful technique to keep those hands looking soft, smooth and beautiful.

3Thin Eyelashes

Well, you may be in love with thicker, fuller eyelashes, but you aren’t blessed with them. Fortunately, sometimes some tricks can do the inevitable. So next time you want to show some really thick eyelashes, don’t pick those fake ones. Instead take baby powder. Dust your eyelashes with them before applying mascara and voila, here is what you always wanted without applying the extensions. The fear of fake lashes falling off is also nullified.

4Rain nd Hair

Heading out, your hair is looking great, but it might rain and play a spoilsport. You never know the heavens may start pouring. What is the solution? A silk scarf. Every girl should have one. Make a triangle and tie the ends just below your chin. No hair strand will suffer the wrath of the nature.

5Wet Nailpaint

You just applied a nailpaint and got a call for an important errand. The nailpaint you applied hasn’t dried yet. So what should you do as you can’t wait till it dries. With no time to waste, run it under water. It will dry up quickly so that you are free to go or work as you would like to. It’s sheer magic, isn’t it?

6White Film On The Lips

This is a common sight in winters. It doesn’t look good. Removing it with your fingers looks really bad. To remove it, take a washcloth or cotton and rub it gently on the lips, not vigorously. Do this before applying yet another coat of glossy lipbalm.

7Nail Color That’s Wearing Out

There is no time left to wear a new nail color as you have to leave. Create a dazzling effect by sprinkling some glitter on the visible nailbed. It will make your nails look anew and hide what needs to be hidden.

Do you know more, share with us.

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