As the world keeps changing, and the workplace evolving with the times, the modern home is fast becoming a place of economic production. Gone are the days when the only business you could do from your home was agro-based. These days, you can do many businesses from the comfort of your home, one of which is freelance writing. Currently, millions of people are harvesting millions of dollars writing from the comfort of their houses. In this post, I will share with you some of the benefits of this teleworking model from my personal experience.

Enjoy more time with family

It is no longer a secret that working away from your family eats into your family time especially if you have a young marriage and babies who are yet to join school. Personally, I changed my career and joined full-time writing when our firstborn daughter was just 7 months and our marriage barely 18 months! One of the things that I am grateful for is that I have watched my daughter learning to crawl, walk, and run to school. I can testify that if I had not spent enough time with her in the house, I would not have learnt 30% of the practical parenting lessons I learnt by working from home. Additionally, my paternal bond with my daughter is stronger than it could have been if I were to be meeting her late in the evening after work.

A stress-free and friendly working environment

Another benefit of writing jobs from home is that you work from your own environment. Your ability to control your environment reduces stress on your side because you are the one in charge of things, and not another person called the boss. Additionally, the environment of your house is more serene than that of an office especially if it is located in a busy CDB.

You control your program

The third benefit of writing from home is that you are your own boss in every sense of that word. In a home setting, you have the power to determine when you can do a particular assignment as long as you know and meet the deadlines of your clients.

No commuting hassles

Another reason why I love working from home as a freelance writer is that I never hassle while commuting to work. I avoid all the traffic snarl-ups and as such, I don’t waste my time on the road. Additionally, I don’t waste my energy or lose my cool because of hassling to beat the jams. This way, I optimize my energies and use my time more productively.

Parting shot

Home writing jobs are some of the most viable and fulfilling forms of teleworking we have in our day. Working as a home-based writer keeps you in your own seat as a boss and allows you to enjoy more time with your family. Moreover, it lets you control and optimize your time, energies, and environment. If you are considering a viable and hassle-free career, home-based freelance writing is the way to go.


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