If you’re a website owner, you’re likely going to want only the best for hosting to ensure its continued survival. This is especially the case if you have a website for a brand, or if you’re running the website for your own blog, as this means needing the necessary infrastructure to ensure speed and protection, among many things, for your beloved site and its contents. In this regard, you may want to consider the benefits of dedicated servers for your hosting.

Website hosting as a market is continuously growing each day, which makes sense given the continuous transition of majority (if not all) industries towards a digital-based landscape. In fact, as of 2017, over one billion websites have now been registered, with more than 1,000 extensions from the previous nine “major” extensions (there are now .recipes amongst .coms, .govs, and .edus). Regardless of the number of websites existing, however, it appears internet speed is still accelerating across nations, with the average connection speed worldwide at 6.5Mbps in 2017 from the previous 2Mbps 2011 standard. If you’re wondering how you could cash into this market for your hosting needs, here are some benefits:

    • Server resources are exclusively yours: One downside of relying on a typical server is that you share resources with other websites that are also using that server, including bandwidth and support. This means you may potentially have competition for resources your website might be needing the most. Dedicated servers such as those from PhoenixNAP Server Solutions, however, will give you the entire power of a server for your website alone. You don’t need to worry about other sites using up RAM and CPU of the server, as with a dedicated server, you can at least be sure that if there are bad scripts on other websites, they won’t be weighing you down.

Improved security and performance

  • Improved security and performance: Shared hosting is recommended for sites with low-to-medium traffic, as if your website is a juggernaut in terms of activity, sharing space with sites hold risks of overloading the entire server. Having a dedicated server guarantees less (to no) downtime and instead have maximum uptime for your site. You can also have the guarantee that you won’t be sharing space with a suspicious spamming site. Dedicated hosting also affords opportunity of enhanced security, especially when handling information such as those transferred via SSL and FTP.
  • Flexible choices: When you have a dedicated server, you have the option to fully customize the server depending on your needs – these include software, disk space, RAM, and CPU. Shared hosting limits your site to the applications the host offers, which means they may or may not offer the things your site needs. At least with a dedicated server, you can customize the server environment specifically to your site’s requirements.
  • Unique IP address: A dedicated server means your website won’t be sharing an IP address with other sites, which is normally a caveat of shared servers. This means if a supposed neighbor site is an adult or spam site, you won’t be affected. This is important if you’re running an e-commerce site that relies on credit card processing and SSL.
  • No need to maintain and purchase equipment: If your site has a dedicated server, this can actually be a low-cost solution for your company. The provider will be the one in charge of building and maintaining the equipment of the server, which reduces a need for your business to actually invest in resources to create its own server space.

Conclusion: Benefits Of Servers For Your Hosting Needs

When it comes to web hosting, one of the most important concerns is ensuring your website is supported by a server that can meet its needs – especially when it comes to speed and security. The benefits of dedicated servers for your hosting above can hopefully shed light to some mysteries surrounding the concept of dedicated servers, and how they can potentially be the kind of support you need for your website’s needs.

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