When you order something at the local store, it is usually delivered to you at a time that is convenient for the store. They will deliver your item when they get enough orders together from other customers and you have to be content with that. As long as the delivery man gets your items to you in a fairly short space of time, then you’re generally happy enough with that. However, if it is something that is particularly expensive and difficult to move around, then you need a much higher level of delivery service and this is where white glove delivery comes in. The main difference is that there are at least two persons involved in the delivery of the item and the level of customer care moves up a notch.

When you avail of white glove delivery from Tecdis Network, it must mean that you have an expensive piece of equipment or another item that needs a great deal of care and attention in getting to its final destination. You need a delivery service that is different from the others and it needs to involve unpackaging the item itself and installing it. This particular delivery service is essential for items that have been specially calibrated or for IT equipment that needs to be kept at a particular temperature. White glove delivery is used by important institutions like hospitals and now many other normal businesses are beginning to understand the many benefits that it offers. The following are just some of those.

* Reduced breakage & reduced returns – If customers are left up to their own devices and are allowed to take possession of their item directly off the truck, then there is a high likelihood that they are going to incorrectly move the items and that they are going to be damaged. For expensive pieces of equipment like assembly line robots, this needs to be avoided and so the company that has provided the customer with the item, insists on using white glove delivery methods. They do this because they don’t want it to get damaged and they want it to be properly installed by the logistics company.

* Better customer service – Customer service is so important nowadays and every customer wants to feel special and every customer wants to have a positive experience.  And this is some future of customer service that you have to concern. In order to provide this for them, you need to be using white glove delivery services. Customers want their item delivered at the date and time specified to them and they want their item to be delivered in perfect condition. If necessary, the item can be installed and the logistics company will take away all of the packaging and any old equipment from before. Both the seller and the receiver are constantly worried that their item will be damaged in transit and so they turn to white glove delivery services to provide them with the assurances that they need. To learn more about the transport and logistics industry, have a look here.

If you want to avail yourself of the best delivery services that are currently available, then it sounds like white glove delivery is definitely for you. As a business, it is important that your customer is happy and that they receive their item in a professional and timely manner. The word-of-mouth is extremely important and if your customers can tell other potential customers that they have had a fantastic experience from start to finish, then your business is sure to prosper.

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