Who doesn’t like a white set of teeth? Who doesn’t want the confidence it gives? That moment when you are with your friends, and you barely say a word, all you need to do is to laugh to any slightest joke; funny or not, in that scenario that’s when you realize the true benefit of sparkling white teeth. Keeping your to teeth white has become the most important aspect of a man, just like a gal will not do without her makeup, a guy should at all times make sure that he maintains the whiteness of his teeth. As many guys will ignore the benefits of white teeth the effect, it gives on an individual psychologically, and physical are just immense.The Benefits of an beautiful smile represent an Important part of Dental Care Phoenix AZ.To further prove this fact, below are some hand-picked benefits of having white teeth:

Enhances Appearance

 Enhances AppearanceAs we earlier stated white teeth remains the most confidence induced part of the human body. This is therefore necessary to avoid any food particles that can dent the teeth whiteness. Such foods include (but not limited to) coffee, tea, and soda. A white tooth is hardly unnoticeable in either a picture or physical appearance. Now can you even imagine a well dressed young man with a Gucci shirt, cap (to march) and a shoe but displays this brown looking teeth kinda; what a shame!

Elevate self-esteem

This works more with attending a very important meeting or approaching that pretty lady you have been crushing on. Imagine a director of a multinational explicitly commenting on your white looking set of healthy teeth? In that situation, you are bound to be proud of yourself.

Good first impression

Good first impressionFirst impression they say matter a lot, imagine someone important walking up to you at the first meeting to notice a fault with your smile as a result of bad teeth color. This is similar to self-confidence issue ’cos when the welcoming smile on the face of the person you have come to meet starts to fade it is bound to affect your self-esteem no matter how hard you choose to ignore it. Why don’t you do yourself a favor and make your first impression an impressing one, you can start by white that teeth.

Improves Attractiveness

What attracts you in a man’s body? The muscle? The fresh skin? Or the sparkling white teeth? Now, this is the logic, a white tooth encourages a healthy smile, and a guy with a healthy smile they say is the most attractive person around. Statistically, from the research carried out by the AACD it was found that 96% of people with white teeth look so very attractive when they smile. So if you want to give your attractiveness a lift or to look for a reason to smile more, why don’t you go snow-white with your teeth.

Some natural teeth whiting agents you need to know

natural teeth whitingSome have given up on achieving sparkling white healthy teeth, while the order is still struggling with tone and tone verities of chemicalized formulas that claim to whiten the teeth. We have also taken some time out to select some natural teeth whitening agents that has been scientifically proven to give you safe white teeth. Below are those mentioned agents:

Turmeric – this is a yellowish agent use for cooking; more of a spice. More looking at it you immediately think it is going to stain your teeth on contact, but the reverse is the case. This cooking spice is a powerful agent in writing of the teeth, to experiment upon this dip your toothbrush in a teaspoon organic turmeric, and apply it to your teeth, let it settle for about 3 minutes then rinse and brush as usual with your normal toothpaste. Continuous usage of this method will automatically increase the whiteness of the teeth.

Strawberries – dropping a strawberry juice on fabric will automatically stain your cloth. This does not apply to the teeth, the malic acid in these fruit automatically powerful stain removers. Simply make a strawberry paste and make it settle in the teeth for 5 minutes or more, as a usual rinse and then brush.

Baking Soda – this is another weird teeth Whitener considering the purpose it’s being known for which is baking. To prepare this former, mix several teaspoons of soda with a little lemon juice or water add enough that is capable of making it look like paste. Apply and leave it on the teeth for 2-3 minutes before you finally rinse it off and have your normal brushing.

Banana peel – this will only sound funny if you have not tried it. According to Women Health Magazine, it is recommended that victims of brown teeth should try rubbing the inside of a banana peel on their teeth for like two minute before doing the normal brushing the magazine article claims the peel contains for whiting effect.

Apple cider Vinegar – Apple Cider has always had this history of always serving as a beautifying agent. So it will not be completely surprised if it is playing a role in the teeth whitening process; take the Apple Cider and swish it around your mouth before doing your normal brush.

What causes stained teeth?

What causes stained teethMany issues can lead to the teeth being stained permanently, though in most cases the stains will be minor and only affect the enamel alone, a scenario that can easily be corrected. Extrinsic stains are considered the major which can be attributed to consumption of some food items like wine, coffee, chocolate and black tea (like we mentioned earlier in the introduction). Some other food substances that cause a stain in the teeth include carries, soy sauce, tomato sauce and tobacco which are major contributors of stained teeth.

Ways to preventing stained teeth

Professionally the best way to prevent stain is to start brushing your teeth every morning with a specific kind of toothbrush at least two times a day. Always rinse your mouth with water after consuming those foods that are major stain contributors. Instead of drinking black tea from the cup, rather drink from a strew.