Best Bedroom Decor To Create A Light Filled Space

Your bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation, and sanctuary, but that doesn’t mean it has to be shut off or dreary for you to get in the right mood to wind down. While most sleep scientists recommend that you switch off your phones and stay away from artificial light as you wind down to go to bed, having a room that feels spacious and is filled with natural light can actually work to make you feel more energized and focused for the next day.

Finding the right bedroom decor to be able to control the amount of light you let into your room is therefore pretty important to ensure you’re getting your sleep hygiene practices right. Whether it means investing in the best mattress possible for your sleep, or finding heavy-set curtains that you can easily draw back during the day to let more light in, here are our top tips for ensuring your bedroom stays naturally lit without disturbing your rest.

Start with the best mattress you can find

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of how to control the light in your bedroom, you’re going to want to take a step back to review your bed mattress. Linenly Bamboo Sheets Australia remind us that a good nights sleep always begins with creating a comfortable bed. This means finding the best mattress, the best bedding and pillows to match your sleep position and lifestyle.

There are many types of mattresses – you can find spring, latex, hybrid and memory foam mattresses in the market today with just a quick search online. Memory foam mattresses tend to be the most versatile of these, mainly because it is engineered to adapt to a variety of different sleeping styles and positions. Of all the bedding alternatives you may choose from, picking your pillowslip is perhaps the tiniest and most crucial. That’s why sateen weave bamboo pillowslips are so soft. Check the original source.

If you want to find the best mattress you can for your comfort, while still remaining supported through the night, memory foam mattresses are really your best bet. Not only do the best mattresses made of memory foam have motion absorption qualities that lead to less interruptions through the night, they’re also designed to have comfort that means even if you have a naturally brighter room, you’re able to get the hours you need, when you need them.

How your bedroom lights may affect your sleep cycles

When it comes to the importance of lighting, you only need to look to the science to understand it’s importance. Our bodies respond to different kinds of light in very distinct ways. The blue light present in the screens of our phones and laptops, for instance, disrupt the natural melatonin production in our sleep, making it really challenging for our physiology to distinguish between rest time and alert time.

There are a few ways to control this. Investing in a good old nightstand to put beside your bed during the night where your phone will be designated to stay till the next morning will force a habit of discipline when it comes to using your phone more sparingly in the evening,

A softer nightlight that glows with warm light may be an acceptable way to lull yourself to sleep without worrying too much about a disruption in your sleep cycle. Developing a habit such as reading before bedtime is a way to practice healthy sleep hygiene before you go to bed.

When it comes to your bedroom lights and lighting, there’s a lot to consider. How much light naturally flows through to your bedroom, the kinds of light you are being exposed to, and your current sleep cycle and hygiene practices are all factors to consider as you prepare yourself for a good night’s rest.

Even the top rated mattress isn’t going to save you for unhealthy sleep cycles if you’re susceptible to the occasional midnight Instagram scroll, so ensure you’re coupling healthy purchases with healthy actions, and you’ll find yourself cozy and comfy in no time.


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