Best Canadian Cell Phone Provider

Best canadian cell phone provider? In this list we will review the best Best Canadian Cell Phone Provider service companies and provider with links to their service plans and coverage maps. based on easy to use, speed, Plans, Fees, widest selection of features, hidden charges and costs and most importantly customer service and coverage. and which There are only three national wireless providers: Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility . Data plan and cell Phone service are extremely expensive in Canada and its consider one the most expensive countries in the world for Mobile service

Best Canadian Cell Phone Provider

Rogers Wireless


Rogers Wireless has become the largest cell phone provider in Canada (over than 9 million customers) by excelling in network quality and reliability, but Rogers Wireless has ranked below Telus in customer service plus you usually will face some problems with your end of month total and charges
The pricing plans that Rogers provides are flexible enough to meet just about anyone’s needs. Also Rogers, has the best selection of mobile phones available in today’s market

Telus Mobility


The western Canadian company is now one of the biggest players . with well over 7 million customers and outstanding customer service. makes Telus is second in out list for Best Canadian cell phone services in the market, The key factors that have brought Telus Mobility’ success are customer service and network reach and reliability with no hidden fees and with good pricing plans that can satisfy all customers need
Also Telus offers an extensive selection of phones from leading edge Smartphones to the simplest, most budget-conscious devices.

Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility is one of the largest cell phone providers in Canada, with over than 6 million customers .
Bell offers numerous unique pricing plans. and it fit all individual consumer needs, Bell has consistently lagged behind Telus and Rogers in customer service and they don’t have any hidden fees

Also Bell has a full range of phones from the most basic to some of the most advanced Smartphones on the market.

Wind Mobile


Newly introduced in 2009 in the Toronto and Calgary areas and now in Vancouver, Ottawa and Edmonton Wind Mobile uses the 1700MHz AWS offers a fairly wide variety of phones ranging from basic devices to advanced Smartphones. They generally offer a couple of free phones, and prices, in general, are comparable to the national cell phone providers



Was launched in 2010, Mobilicity Like Wind Mobile, they want to win a portion of the market, the coverage area is Toronto and Calgary areas and now in Vancouver, Ottawa and Edmonton. offers a fairly wide variety of advanced Smartphones (mostly Blackberry , Android Phone ) also they offer some basic devices
Also Mobilicity use 1700MHz AWS.


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