Best Canadian Cities to Raise A Family

Are you looking for the best cities to raise family in Canada, With the most reasonably family-friendly communities,and the safest? Well, here you go; list of the best five Canadian cities to raise your family: Depends on Healthcare / Criminal records / Child Care/ Good Schools/ Park space/ Cost of living/ and more

5. Winnipeg


Winnipeg has both a low crime and low unemployment rate. great public transit, and one of the lowest food costs in the country. lots of our doors activities and good school, With great access to parking spaces

4. Calgary


Looking for a big city to raise your family , plenty of job opportunities, and with strong economic foundation has turned Cowtown into the best city in the country. In addition Calgary is having family-friendly communities and very good school, and one of the best health care system, with a lot of outdoor activities, and regarding the high household income the house prices are expensive comparing to other cities in the list

3. Sherbrooke, Que.


Plenty of daycare spaces and neighborhood children, . Average Household income, low cost food , plenty child care family-friendly communities and one of the best school system, nationwide

2. Burlington, Ont.


Burlington, Ont. one of the lowest rates of child and partner crime in the country, great access to mom groups and daycares, affordable housing and rates high on the list when it comes to parks, school and job prospects.

St. Albert, Alta.


High grades for being a safe city with plenty of high-paying jobs, low unemployment affordable housing, easy access to public transit ranked as 1 No best small city in Canada


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