This list of the best Cities with the greatest design and modern architecture in the world, find out where to go to find the world’s best design cities, form a unique cutting-edge urban landscape.

5. Dubai:

Who has not heard of miracles taking place in Dubai? Hotels underwater, unusual shapes and materials, skyscrapers that defy the laws of gravity, artificial islands and pure luxury, a guide like this would look in a few words for lure Arab.

4. Berlin:

Berlin is a city full of historical charm – from the old streets of East Berlin to high-class architecture and Unter den Linden Museumsinsel and green lungs represented Tiergarten Park, Also Berlin is a city with a relaxed attitude to one of the liveliest nightlife in Europe. All are found in Berlin today, from authentic beer halls and old Soviet era ghosts.

3. Sydney

Sydney is a city of the finest architecture and one of the world’s most exciting urban designs. Sydney is the most beautiful city in Australia. Located where water joins land at Jackson Bay, Sidney is a natural harbor on the southeastern coast of the Australian continent. The most important places in Sydney are: the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower (305 m hight – the highest building in southern hemisphere) and Opera House, representative for the city, famous throughout the world.

2. Toronto :

Toronto architecture ranges from historic and quaint to modern and fantastic. The architecture and the town can see an overlap – at first glance the city seems very different from any other large North American city, but at a closer look you can see the Victorian and the Edwardian buildings. Toronto today is an animated and cultural place, with hot summers and cold winters. This is the most important city in Canada. It is Canada’s most economical city, a center of finance, media services and it hosts more corporations than any other city in the world. At night, the locals provide restaurants, bars and clubs, opera and theaters. But above all, the city is characterized by the locals as friendly, efficient and multi-cultural.

1. New York:

New York is a city of superlatives. Besides being a world financial center, the island of Manhattan is dotted with world-renowned restaurants, architectural masterpieces and venerable art institutions that make New York the greatest cultural city in the world. The phrase “If you succeed in New York, you will succeed anywhere else in the world” attracts visitors from around the world who come here searching for the American dream.