5 Best Dance Clubs in New York


In this list find the best Best Dance Clubs in New York City

1. Hiro Ballroom:

(212) 727-0212
88 9th Ave New York, NY
The spillover crowd from Matsuri restaurant, the nearby Meatpacking bars, and the event-circuit types tend to wind up in the lounge/club deep below the Maritime Hotel. The kinda-sorta Japanese theme takes the backseat to the stylish crowd and special events that go on at Hiro, and the atmosphere is usually charged and vibrant. Buy it by the bottle in the lounge or dance the night away on the roomy dance floor to the music, which runs the gamut.

2. Webster Hall:

125 E 11th St New York, NY
Webster Hall has managed to soldier on over the years, while most of it’s big club competitors long since called it a night. Their location in the East Village helps, and the club is something of an annex for less studious minded NYU students. Young crowds and cavernous space with many dark corners means you can expect the usual bacchanalian drives of the uninitiated, but ready to party, youth to find their outlet…

3. S.O.B.’s :

204 Varick St New York, NY
Even though this safari style club is called Sounds of Brazil, you can expect to dance to all different types of music here. There’s reggae, hip-hop, R&B, jazz and Monday’s is salsa. There is even a now famous night of South Asian dance hits, called “Basement Bhangra.” In a nutshell, S.O.B’s embraces NYC’s diversity, and is a quality place to get your groove on.

4. Love :

40 West 8th St. New York, NY
As its hipster owner tells it, Love has been built to provide a place where artists are encouraged to push the boundaries of their craft and to promote shared values of respect, acceptance, and peacefulness through the stories they tell. And to throw great parties. Formerly W8th, Love features live music as well as experimental house DJs. The redesigned space has a great dance floor. Entrance is on MacDougal Street.

5- Club Shelter :

150 Varick Street New York, NY
House music thumps and pounds throughout the night in this sparsely decorated basement lounge. Shelter’s second home continues their dominance as the longest-running underground dance house in New York.


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