Finding love

Love is something that no one has still been able to quantify, though songs have been written and sung for millennia professing undying love, to the opposite sex. To quantify the love that one human being would have for another in terms of a measureable quantity is still debatable and a mystery to all. On the contrary love is not an acceptable legal fact, and those who have loved know it that the buck stops when the love ends or a couple breaks up. There are no attached legal provisions to go any further after that hence a Certificate of Marriage is what would bring the aspect of legality into the relationship.

Legalizing love

The Certificate of Marriage is a legal document that cements a relationship between a man and a woman, though the world is seeing a new trend, which was socially unacceptable a few decades ago. Living together has become a fashionable habit among the young and the not so young but there are still many around the world taking their vows promising “till death do us part”.

A commonly accepted fact of life that has been legalized in certain countries is marriage between two of the same sex, which also takes a new dimension with weddings being the order of the day. Whatever way we may look at the relationship between two human beings, as long as the love they have between the two is sincere and true a relationship could blossom.

If it is seen as legal under the law of the country they live, it could be solemnized and written on paper and signed on and accepted as a legal document for all purposes. Hence it becomes prudent and inevitable that two human beings who intend stepping into legal matrimony take out an acceptable legal document to prove their relationship if they are to be respected before the law. Though marriages bring about a weight of legality to the relation between two human beings most us celebrate this joyous occasion with a lot of pomp and pageantry. This special day which would be filled with memories would live forever etched either in still photography or on film to posterity.

This is what has made wedding photography that much an integral part of any wedding and without photographs or a video to reminisce in the future it would not be complete.  Relations, friends and well wishes gather, decorations are planned, music is organized, sumptuous cuisine would be ordered and a festive atmosphere would prevail when the two who are to be joined in matrimony take their vows.

The fashionably and immaculately dressed congregation would sway their hips to the beat of popular songs sung with very moving and intimate lyrics, which is the occasion we call a Wedding. Weddings are occasions that would be remembered for a very long time and when couples enter their twilight years they would flip a few pages in their wedding album and reminisce their wedding day. They would talk about the decorations that were set up, the gifts received and of the hilarious ones wrapped and presented to make them laugh aloud on the night of their wedding day.

It is these little things that make a wedding a very joyful event and a day to remember for which we spend quite a sum from our savings to make it a day to remember for all. The first step in organizing a wedding would be for the couple and or others organizing the event to sit down and sift through the available locations and where they would love to have their wedding. Once the location is selected and the necessary advances or payments made the other arrangements of the wedding could move forward.

To begin the preparations it would be necessary to write down all that is needed to be done in a book, so that you would have a complete list of the chores to be completed. Finding the best photographer who would do the best possible job and present you with the wedding album would be high on the agenda.

This book would be your bible from day one till the wedding day dawns and also till the completion of it and would be your easy reference whenever you would need to check up on something. There are certain very pertinent responsibilities that would have to be accomplished and completed by the bride and the groom because after all it is their big day.

Others who would support the event are only supporting cast to this momentous and joyous occasion and if everyone does their part the wedding day would be one of joy wrapped in success. Responsibilities delegated would be quite special because it is the bride who would be the center of attraction and she would need to be radiant, ravishing, attractive and beautiful on her special day. She should be dressed with immaculate finesse and decked with appropriate jewelry, her hair should be in the right place and her finger and toe nails should be well done. Her beauty should be flawless as all brides are on their wedding day and bring out the gloss that everyone on that day in the congregation would be looking forward to see.

Marrying in DC

If you are marrying in Washington DC, North Virginia or Maryland the excitement would be quite full of pumping adrenaline as it would be a special place to tie the knot. You may need to find the best among the Washington DC area wedding photographers so that when you have the wedding album and video after your wedding it would be superlative and nothing less.

Take your time and ensure that you select the best and nobody else because the album that you would possess need to catch every moment of your wedding day for posterity. It is a special day and the moments spent need to be given the optimum attention to be captured in exquisite detail.