Even though people don’t interact every day via emails, this tool is sufficient for business and registrations. Very often, we exchange files via mailing services so that privacy significantly matters when choosing the platform. Taking into account that popular mailing services, like Chrome, Firefox, and others, are announced for security breaches regularly, you should apply to encryption. Encrypted and secure emails minimize the chances that your private data is accessible for cybercriminals.

How to pick the best encrypted email? How are the mailboxes different? Explore the list of TOP-5 services and make your unbiased conclusion!

Best encrypted email – TOP-5

#1 – uMail


uMail is the in-house mailing service of the Utopia P2P ecosystem. This email, as well as the whole network, employs advanced encryption mechanisms. Robust Elliptic cryptography, along with 256-bit AES, protects the data streams and internal storage. uMail never collects the data on your device, system, and personal information; it never auto-saves passwords.

Make use of the Templates feature developed so that users could save drafts for letters they often write. What other tools you can use on the same dashboard with uMail?

  • uMessenger;
  • Idyll browser;
  • uWallet;
  • Mining tool.

Utopia repays every minute you run its toolkit in domestic crypto coins. Try on your computer and capitalize!

#2 – ProtonMail


The selling point of Proton is that you can use mobile and desktop. This email ranks high since it tried and tested for a long time. Proton is P2P and encrypted, as well.

The algorithm Proton applies ensures that the team can’t access the internal servers and the information streams. You can rely on Proton blindly whenever you aim to hide the content of your letters.

What is crucial about Proton – it encrypts emails before transferring. For this reason, sided companies, criminals, and hackers can’t view and make use of your files. The decryption is impossible even in the situation they intrude on the server.  Also, Proton is an open-source service, and experts add to its code regularly.

#3 – SCRYPTmail


When choosing this service among the competitors, remember that currently, use can use just desktop. SCRYPTmail is secure, private, and deserves a higher rank thanks to robust encryption and open-source code. Moreover, users enjoy 2-factor authentication that levels up security along with other features.

For example, you can hide your address from the receivers. This option is rare but essential since it guarantees extra anonymity and safety. Firstly, black hats won’t be able to steal your email address to hack your accounts. Secondly, your persona remains incognito when you are to communicate with untrustworthy companies.

#4 – Posteo


Posteo is based exclusively on the web. Nevertheless, it is widely spread between activists and political movements. This secret mailbox guarantees that law institutions won’t obtain the data transmitted indoors. As a bonus, Posteo offers extra data storage, which is also encrypted; the price starts at $1. This additional tool is a reasonable alternative to popular services with a huge potential for data leakage.

Posteo was among the pioneering platforms implementing. DNS authentication. This tool extensively hit security-focused audiences since they obtained protection against impersonal emails from hackers.

Posteo proves authorities can’t investigate your digital behavior or intrude sensitive files. Users enjoy the anonymity and freedom of speech. Register to check it out!

#5 Tutanota


Tutanota is a handy encrypted mailing platform accessible on desktop and mobile. For today, Tutanota scores approximately 2 million active users, which proves its credibility. The email uses a superior 2FA making it more secure. Similarly to the mailboxes from this TOP,  Tutanota utilized open code and modified by external advisers.

Tutanota operates technologies blocking criminals who aim to cover their ID from a recipient. How does Tutanota deal with letters users get from unencrypted and dubious platforms? The mailbox encrypts the reply and extra protect it via a passcode.

The bottom line

No matter what email you pick from the list, the level of security they suggest is a five-star. Remember that encrypted services implement proven technologies protecting you from unwanted espionage and cyber attacks. Add to your must-have and take advantage of pro-security!


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