Best Food to strengthen the digestive system and protect it from diseases


Here, we offer you a simple foods and related benefits for our digestive system healthy. The digestive system is among the major organs in the body, it connects the outside world with the inside, through digestion operations carried out by to digest all the food that we eat. And intestines are part responsible for the absorption of all the nutrients that the body needs in order to function, and many of the diseases Chronic back to the intestine, as well as many of the health problems caused by the likely presence of a malfunction in the intestine. Despite the many drugs used to treat intestinal problems and digestive system, the health experts say that the healthy nutrition of the most important ways to maintain the health of the colon and digestive system.

We list here five food some say it is beneficial to our digestive system and help him do his work in a balanced way:


Garlic food is useful for strengthening the immune system, and recommended capturing the raw and fresh.


Studies have shown that eating asparagus on a regular basis helps to absorb nutrients and reduce the risk of colon cancer and allergies.


Bananas contain soluble fiber, which helps prevent infection constipation, as well as it contains high amounts of potassium, which is useful to the work of the heart and regulate the fluid balance in the body.

4Apple: :

Research has shown that eating an apple a day keeps the intestinal bacteria for digestion useful, as is the apple is a rich source of fiber that helps along with food on the protection from heart disease and regulate the level of fat in the blood.

5Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes they contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6 ‘, potassium and iron, which are also rich in fiber, which helps to get rid of harmful substances and put it with feces.