5 Of The Best Independent Clothing Brands

Best Independent Clothing Brands

It can be difficult to focus on the uncover independent clothing brands when there are brands such as Topman and ASOS with significantly higher budgets. However, if you dig in a little further you’ll be able to find a host of clothing brands with a distinctive style, different to major and commercial brands. We have come up with 5 of the best independent clothing brands you may know about!

1Antony Morato

Antony Morato was found in 2007 and has since gone from strength to strength using the vision and talent of Lello Caldarelli. Caldarelli designed the brand in order for Antony Morato to offer a distinct style and be available to a new generation of customers. Their jeans, shirts and shoes are sold in over 3200 brand stores, in over an incredible 70 countries sprouting across Europe, Asia and South America. 2015 saw Antony Morato are a brand that is quickly establishing themselves, however compared to major labels it hasn’t got the recognition it deserves.

2Android Homme

Android Homme are one of the leading developers of the street luxury movement. Their designs have come alive in recent years and on the verge of breaking away from the ‘independent’ label status. Javier Laval, the Creative Director and the Designer was the founder and took the brand to astonishing heights for such a niche brand. Based in LA and designed in Portugal it’s safe to say Android Homme are going to be a household name extremely soon.

3Remus Uomo

Remus Uomo is a completely design-led brand, which is elegantly tailored to the formal. Remus Uomo are serious about fashion and have with their Italian heritage to produce some of the finest clothing. Each style is catered to sharp, formal clothing with each individual item of making subtle impacts. The brand has gone from strength to strength with the heritage of the brand coming from a hungry, young and fashion obsessed man.

4Gibson London

Gibson London have provided authentic British clothing with an added style for years. Due to release of new, cheaper, Gibson London is now becoming more and more recognised with their distinct style and heritage. Found in 1964, Gibson London has changed the smart menswear with high profile collaborations with Savile Row and Carnaby Street flamboyance. It was initially took inspiration, drawing inspiration from sixties music, but have quickly developed the brand into a honest and individualistic style.

5Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny have created a style similar to Ralph Lauren. It is a combination of British tailoring with the trademark American design. They have solely focused on using the best materials in order to produce clothing endorsed by Michael Barry, Bruce Bowen and Kris Kampsen. Psycho Bunny has redefined the way classic styles are now worn with seamless designs and a traditionally passionate style.