There are various types of kitchen appliances, for frying food. They might be electrical or nonelectrical appliances, now a days there are too many different types of appliances for frying different types of food.

The most common nonelectrical appliances that you might have been noticing since forever, in the kitchen for frying food are the nonstick frying pans, or deep frying pan. These equipment have been in the kitchen since forever for frying food, but now, as the world has progressed too much, lots of electrical appliances for the frying use have been invented and used the most in kitchen for ease.

As compared to the other frying equipment, these electric appliances are more convenient and easy to use. Some of the best appliances for frying food have been mentioned and detailed below.

The Perfect Food fryers!

Philips Air fryer

It is supposed to be a healthy alternative to deep fryers, you can fry anything you want in it. It has a height of around 15.1 inches and it is11.2 inches wide. It can cook up to 28 ounces of food, it consists of one metallic basket inside, which easy to eject and insert, you can place a dish or baking sheet inside the basket if you are baking something in it, as it does not only works as a fryer but also as an Oven. You can buy Philips Air fryers online, on their worldwide shopping website.

The Elite platinum Maxi-Matic deep fryer

It comes with a three basket options with easy carrying handles on it, it can bear around a pound of weight per basket, it does not contain a way for filtering the oil in it, also, it would take some while to get itself heated.

Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer

It is another type of a deep fryer, which comes with only one frying basket, and it is safe to use in the kitchen, we will have to be careful when plugging it in the socket, the sides of this fryer would not get heated up with it, and would not burn your hands.

Presto Dual basket pro fry deep fryer

It is the best over all the world, it comes with two baskets to fry, it contains an adjustable thermostat in it, the baskets are actually made of a very light weighed metal, and can bear the weight of one fish and one large piece of chicken in each basket. It also acts as a steamer if you put water in it instead of oil, you can boil stuff in it as well, so this deep fryer is the most liked and the most used Deep fryer all over the world.

West point Deluxe air fryer

is another frying appliance, in Pakistan which works best as a fryer, it consists of one frying basket inside, which consists of a steel metallic body, it works almost exactly like an oven, you have to grease the basket with oil a bit and place the food to be fried on top of it. It is safe and convenient in use, and compliments the kitchen counter when placed on it.

fry food

Maulinex deep fryer

It is another deep fryer used for deep frying food like, fish, chicken, fries and many other food. It consists of one frying basket which is made of light weighed material, you can adjust its time and heat settings according to the type of food that you are going to fry. It works amazingly for deep frying the food.

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Panasonic deep fryer

 makes it easier and more convenient for us to quickly fry the food, it has one fryer basket which works really well with the deep frying of different types of food. The basket is broad enough to fry large food items in it. You can adjust the time and heat setting on your own, just according to the food type you are frying.

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