The date for a wedding seems so far away when you first read the details of your wedding invitation. Yet, days easily turn into weeks, then months, before eventually, you realize the wedding date is fast approaching! In which case, it’s easy to forget what you should get the happy couple as a wedding gift.

However, you don’t want to arrive empty-handed on their big day. It’s better to grab a last-minute gift than nothing at all.

If you have been stumped on what wedding gift to get, you can draw inspiration for suitable gifts below that the soon-to-be-married couple will love and appreciate! 

The Right Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen appliances can be rather pricey. That’s why it’s one of the most common items to be added to any wedding registry. If the soon-to-be newlyweds have a registry, you should first see what’s on it for two reasons. Firstly, it’s to ensure you don’t end up buying anything that someone else already got them. It would not only be embarrassing for you but also would be a waste of money. Secondly, it’s to see what items they want the most or haven’t been bought yet. This scenario will make your search easier because registries can be specific about the model type for a certain appliance. As a result, you can guarantee they will be happy to receive what they had been hoping for in the first place!

Get a Wedding Gift Basket

Some wedding couples don’t always like to be gifted practical gifts like home essentials. In this case, you can speak to their specific sensibilities by looking into wedding gift baskets! The beauty behind a gift basket is how you can fill it to the brim with goodies that they both will love. You can treat them to a fine wine to be included in their gift basket, which would be handy if they would like to savour a glass together during their honeymoon. They can also nibble on decadent chocolates and artisanal savoury delights. One gift basket can honestly provide so much as a single gift that easily goes appreciated and enjoyed!

Get a Wedding Gift Basket

Treat to Monthly Subscription

At first, it might seem like you’re walking into their wedding without anything to offer as a gift. But, making it known to the couple that you’re gifting a special, monthly subscription will make for a nice, unprecedented gift like no other. Not saying you need to start paying for streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime (though they might appreciate that!). Nowadays, you can get various subscriptions that aren’t just for streaming.

Some monthly subscriptions can include the following:

  • Wine
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate/Fudge
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Flowers
  • Cosmetics
  • Books

These are just a few of what you can find for monthly subscriptions. If the couple is big wine lovers, you can bet a monthly subscription that provides them with new wines to try would make a great long-standing gift!

Gift Cards for Needs or Wants

Gift cards get a bad reputation for seeming like lazy gifts. Yet, they remain a viable gift since they are still available in numerous places. They’re a versatile gift that can easily cater to a couple’s wants or needs. For example, if the newlyweds are new homeowners. You can always rack up enough money into a gift card from a decor store like IKEA, where they can choose whatever they want to fill their home in. If the happy couple prefers to be pampered, you can alternatively fill up a gift card to a high-end restaurant or even to a spa. You can bet that they will use and appreciate it!

Pay it Forward in Cash

Similar to gift cards, some people might be apprehensive about simply just handing over money as a gift. Ironically enough, it’s probably one of the best gifts for the newly married couple. Having extra money to spare for a married couple can be instrumental in many ways. For some, it can help towards saving up for a home. For others, it can mean splurging more on their honeymoon. Yet, when it comes to deciding how much to give them can seem tricky. A good rule of thumb for money as a gift is to give them between $50-$100. It’s not exactly hurting your wallet too much, but it’s also enough money that doesn’t seem like a cheap wedding gift.

Last-minute wedding gifts sound like they could potentially be awful. However, with what’s listed for gift ideas, you can ensure they will, without a doubt, be appreciated and enjoyed!

Don’t forget to pair a beautiful wedding card with your gift to congratulate the happy couple!

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