Childhood carelessness, unfortunately, ends with teen hormones which practically change every aspect of your life, from the way you act, through how you look, to the way you perform the most basic actions like talk, walk or sleep. Puberty, also known as your teenage years, feels like the most stressful time of your life, and, at least then, it actually is. From building sand castles and watching cartoons all day long, you’re all of a sudden forced to balance your school obligations, extracurricular activities, house chores and social life. And as if this wasn’t overwhelming enough, there are the infamous puberty acne.

Moreover, as you’re growing older, you start paying more and more attention to how you dress, how you look and how others see you. Needless to mention all the insecurities and anxieties due to the crazy hormones and their effect on your skin. Dabbling in makeup comes in full swing around the time you start high school, and for most girls, this goes through various phases they’re definitely not proud of when looking back at it in their twenties, once they have perfected their makeup routines. This is why we always suggest to buy safe teen makeup products that are safest to use for the teenagers. prepared a list of top 5 makeup tips for teenagers to follow as you begin to experiment with beauty products.

Pre-make up skin routine

Although when you take a look in the mirror, your face skin may appear as a zit minefield, remember that it’s younger and healthier than it will ever be. You, like most teens, probably do not think about the possible future consequences of the products you’re using for your skin, but note that makeup and skin care go hand-in-hand. You may fool yourself with covering all the imperfections with contouring and concealer, but this will only backfire on you soon enough. Prioritize your skin health over cheap and harsh makeup products, and you’ll be more likely to preserve your youthful and beautiful look well into the age. It may sound like a hassle, but, with the right products for your skin type, good techniques and a bit of motivation and discipline, it’s actually pretty easy to implement an effective skin care regime. Your skin deserves your attention every single day, so make sure you’re giving it.

No foundation

We know that those persistent blackheads, pimples and blemishes feel like the first world problem when you’re a teen, but please do not give in to everyday “cake face” look. Girls usually believe that covering these imperfections with a foundation is the way to go, but that matte look only shows that you have zero skills for applying makeup. First and foremost, you don’t have to use foundation, because underneath those zit spots, you have a beautiful, healthy and young skin – applying a layer of heavy foundation will only give you a fake look and make your skin and face look much older. Instead of a full face of foundation (girls, nix all the foundation you have been using), stick with concealer for blemishes and trouble spots you’re looking to cover up, and you’ll end up with a flawless and natural look.

Waterproof mascara

This is a universal tip, for women of all ages, but especially for young ladies – always go for waterproof mascara. This way you won’t have to worry about what happens with your eye makeup when it’s wet. Do a little research on what eyelash effect you’re looking to get, then buy mascara online and feel free to use it on a daily basis for a casual makeup style. If you wish to amp up your look, use ultra black mascara and apply a couple of layers.

Light eye makeup

Less is more, especially when you’re a teen and you have no reason to mask your pretty face. There will be plenty of time for makeup, so slow down with dark tones and heavy products – you’re literally just at the beginning of a long, long journey of beautifying. The trick is to apply makeup so it looks like you’re not wearing much, or any. Lighter colors for eye shadow will open up your eyes and accentuate your feature without creating harsh lines or weary appearance. This applies to eyeliners as well – if you decide to use them, stay away from deep cream or gel ones and stick to a pencil liner for a gently winged eye look.

Lip gloss

You don’t want to look like you’re 30 among your peers, so stick with a youthful and sweet look for your lips – luscious lip gloss. After all, you really need from makeup when you’re young and beautiful is a great mascara, concealer for blemishes, and a lip gloss. This combination is more than enough for an adorable and fresh look in accordance with your age.

If you’re one of the many teenagers out there struggling to figure their makeup routine and what works the best for them, worry no more. Young ladies, take note of the tips and tricks shared above and prepare to look fabulous. 


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